Wednesday, August 30, 2006

adventures in babysitting

It was a mid-summer's eve when Aunt Rian and Aunt Becki embarked upon their debut babysitting opportunity for one Samuel Vagabond Hedgpeth. He is a sweet-tempered kiddo, and was quite resilient to the incessant flashing of the camera in his cute little slightly more blind eyes.

I'd like to preface these photographs by saying that I'm not a huge fan of the "camera flash" in general, as the lighting generally doesn't look so great. However, given that it was evening time, I should have used it on all the pictures. Not just some. As a means of making this look "intentional," I have edited some of the photos to look "artistic." Enjoy, appreciators of "art" in quotes...ENJOY!

Aunt Rian and Aunt Becki ready to give Samuel the night of his life! *disregard the strange appearance of my elbow*

Pretty Aunt Rian.

I stayed this close to him the entire night to make sure that he was still breathing.

So did Aunt Rian.

Sleepy Pointisammilism.

Sir Sammy Uncertain.

Sweet Sammy.

Sammy after sipping a little too much "formula."

Smiley Sammy.

Samuel just LOVES that joke every time I tell it! Right after this picture, he said his first words, "Oh, you!"

My heart melts.

Can't wait until we do it again.


Jaronius Brown (J-Ro/Jessica/etc) just introduced me to my new favorite pastime.


She also showed me this, where I found this, because who doesn't need their own wee ninja?

Monday, August 21, 2006

conversations kill...

The title of this post is for music lovers/rememberers of the long forgotten decade.......the 90s.

Anyhoo....on to the conversations from this weekend.

1. No preface.

Rachel (my sister): That mirror is a dangerous thing.

Me: What?

Rachel: That mirror. It's a dangerous thing when you're beautiful.

2. Preface: Kevin and Rachel and I were driving around Wichita, very likely coming back to my mom's house from my grandparents house, and we were talking about the BTK serial killer that had been at large in Wichita and was recently caught. Kevin mentioned that he had been interviewed on TV (before being suspected as the killer) on behalf of some sort of animal organization - not sure about the details. Anybuns, this is what followed concerning what he might have mentioned during said interview:

Kevin: He probably started talking about handling squirrels in his day to day job life, and said something to the effect of "First I like to bind the squirrels up so they can't move much. Then I like to torture them by holding acorns in front of their faces but not allowing them to eat them OR store them away for the winter."

As I'm laughing aloud at my Special K's quick wit AND ability to channel the thoughts and feelings of small, darting animals, he replies...

Kevin: You'd think it was torture, too, if your instincts were to eat and bury.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

but how does it make you feeeeeeel?

My friend's brother posted this comment on her blog, and it was so hilarious that I just HAD to repost it here. Enjoy.

"Sara, at one time in her younger days, would claim that 'at any given time,' she could 'feel' just like Michael Douglas. You couldn't tell by looking, but she knew 100% it was him and no other person that she was 'feeling' like."