Wednesday, April 25, 2007

spike jonze

I promise that soon I'll actually write something, but these videos are just too good! I love Spike Jonze's directing ideas. Here are a couple of ads he's done.



Love it!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Brandi Carlile is an artist I've recently discovered and really like a lot. I've embeded 3 videos of her playing live on youtube. I love it when I watch a musician and I can see their passion when they play.

hallelujah (leonard cohen cover):

the story:


It's good to love what you do.

Monday, April 23, 2007

goodbye dear phriend...

You were a great phone to me for a very, very, very, non-sim card having long time.

I'll always remember the way you dialed phone calls with ease, dropped calls anytime I was downstairs in my house, didn't have a camera, were cute and silver, and withstood countless falls, usually on scratchy, concrete surfaces.

Thanks you for the good times. We'll meet again when I leave this earth.

Friday, April 20, 2007

gun control...

I was reading an article in The Week Magazine online regarding the Virginia Tech killings and subsequent thoughts on gun control when I came upon this paragraph:

Really? That seems like the best solution? Hmm. Not the conclusion I would have drawn.

dial my numba....

Word to the wise. When your phone gets run over by a car, you get to get a new phone that takes pictures for free!

I love my new phone. And it's in 1 whole piece instead of 2 separate pieces. Life is pretty exciting!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

april fool's!

Gmail executed a very clever April Fool's joke. Check it out. I think it's funny when people are clever. Especially if they'll take the time to make a realistic web page to support their clever....osity.

I love Gmail!

Monday, April 16, 2007

amusing musings...


Manatees! Gentle, sweet, lugubrious manatees!

Thought this was amusing, mostly because I like the word "scoot:"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

window in the skies

This is such an awesome idea for a video. Well played, U2, well played.

Here are a couple exerpts from the lyrics:

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 09, 2007

faith and stuff

Something I've been thinking about (and talking Kevin's ear off about) lately is faith. Not the definition of the word so much as its practical application in different situations. I guess I've been struggling with the line between believing wholeheartedly for something to happen, while still allowing God's will to be different than the outcome I'm praying for without setting myself up for disappointment.

I guess what has been frustrating me about this so much is that I haven't been able to articulate how exactly I feel about it, or even what I'm thinking about it exactly, and Kevin so patiently and lovingly let me emit quite a bit of "word vomit" last night while I was trying to talk things out and figure them out in my mind. Thanks Special K!! Love you!

When I was talking to Kevin last night and then this morning when I was talking to our very own Josh Moody on IM, they both said something that kind of resonated with me, or at least help me put some words to a way of thinking about it. (Turns out, I like being able to express what I'm feeling. Not always as good at executing it as I'd like to be) Basically that a fundamental problem in the way we use faith to believe in/for a situation is that we tend to put our faith in an action or event rather than in God himself.

Too true. Too true.

I guess a concern of mine has been that "allowing for God's will" for me personally can sometimes mean half-hearted prayer.....prayer that is sometimes burdened with fear that what I'm praying for might not happen or that God might not want it to happen. And it's true that what we're praying for might not be in line with God's best for us, but I think the problem is not with God's will being above our understanding, but the way in which we think about it. I sometimes find myself in a position of mistrusting God to come through rather than accepting that his will might be different and totally way better. Then that leads me to think sometimes that I'm praying wrong or with the wrong heart, and that totally turns into me focusing on me instead of what I should be focusing on in the first place. God. And now I'm not sure if any of this is making sense and I might just be repeating myself using different words. Or the same words. I don't know.

In any case, I'm learning and growing and it feels a'so nice.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I was just directed to this website where Paul Soupiset is doing a different water color for every day of Lent.

I like this one:

And on his blog he gives explanations for some of them. I wish I was visually artistic. TWICE!

the interweb

Quote of the day:

"The internet is putting messages in a bottle and sending them out to sea."