Monday, November 22, 2010

grocery sexism anecdote

Having Mondays off, my beloved K-Ho often takes care of running errands or doing things about the house on this day. Today we're having some good friends over for dinner, and Kevin was in charge of going to the grocery store for "our" famous chili recipe that is actually not "my" recipe at all.

So we're talking on the phone and he's telling me how amazingly cheap all of the stuff was, and I asked him if he had trouble finding the chili seasoning since our usual grocery store is in the middle of a remodel and who KNOWS where they'll decide to put the seasonings! He said that he found it will relative ease, but that while he was looking for it he overheard two women talking who did not notice him standing there. They were joking amongst themselves how funny it is around the holidays to see men shopping in the grocery store who clearly have no idea where to find anything.

Kevin promptly cleared his throat, walked up to them and said,

"Excuse me ladies, can you please tell me where I can find the groceries?"