Friday, March 28, 2008

Smelly Food - What I learned...

Okay, so I have learned that the horrible smell comes from meals with broccoli in them. Which makes perfect sense because broccoli - though good for you - pretty much smells bad wherever you cook it. And for a long time after. So the key is, work = no broccoli cooking.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

lynyrd skynyrd said it best.....

Oooh, oooh. That smell. Can't you smell that smell?

I've been meaning to get back on the blog train for some time now, but life has handed me a busy schedule as of late, and this is the first chance I've gotten in a while to just sit during lunch, and I figured that lunch today would be a good topic.

I've started wanting to actively eat healthier and start exercising more than I do (which means any at all would be a step in the right direction), rather than just talking about it. I can feel that my metabolism isn't functioning quite like it used to when I was in high school and early college, and I want to nip it in the bud and develop some healthier habits than I did before.

Which brings me to the beginning of my tale for today. I decided to give frozen dinners/lunches a shot, for lunch anyway at work. It's cheaper than going somewhere and I can actually see how many calories I'm consuming. (Is this extremely boring already, because I'm starting to lose interest)

Anybuns, I go to Target on my lunch break to get one to try out, and when I get back, most people are at lunch, so the office is pretty empty.

Now before I go any further, I'll say this. I've heard from friends about the horrid smells that come from their office microwaves because so-and-so insists on microwaving someone's flesh alive every day for lunch, and more recently, my old boss very loudly went on and on and on about how someone's food that smelled like garlic was gross and no one was ever allowed to eat garlic for lunch again. The culprit was a sweet new employee. What a welcoming! Needless to say I had a premeditated fear that something like this might happen to me.

AND IT DID! *cue dramatic music*

I quickly put it in the microwave already irritated that it was going to take 4.5 minutes to cook! That's 3.5 more minutes for it to start emitting smells than I wanted to face! So I put it in there and am careful not to linger, as to conceal my stinky food cooking identity, so I went back to my desk to do all the things you can do in 4.5 minutes.

That's when I hear it.

Person 1: Oh man, someone's eating something smelly! Wait, not looks like they're cooking something smelly. Pew!

Person 2: Man, that smells like sauerkraut.

(Me - silently: what?! no-hooooooooooooooo! dangit!)

So the microwave beeps and I look to make sure no one's in the kitchen, go in and quickly remove my item, not giving it the 1-2 minutes to sit in there like I was instructed, lest more people come back and verbalize their nose's offense to such a foul smell! Then I proceed to accidentally drop a piece of food off my plate onto the floor, and rice along with it, so I'm frantically trying to clean it up before the footsteps I hear rapidly approaching reach my crouching figure.

I ultimately confess that I'm the one with the smelly food, and the guy was really nice about it and joked that it must be healthy then, because all healthy food smells bad.

The funny thing is, it tasted great!

p.b. (post blog) Lots of changes have been happening in my world, and I'll write some more posts with more details once I find another minute. Holla!

Monday, March 03, 2008

stuff white people like

I've known about this site for a while, but I keep forgetting to blog about it. It is, as the title would suggest, a campy website about all of the many things white people like. I have to admit, a few of the entries step on my toes a little bit, but ain't no shame. It's hilarious. Here's an example:

Tell me it's not true! Tell me it's not true!

As a teaser, here are a few other of the entry titles of the things white people like:

#76 Bottles of Water

#70 Difficult Breakups

#63 Expensive Sandwiches

#62 Knowing What's Best for Poor People

Enjoy! There's plenty more where those came from.