Thursday, February 18, 2010

43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49

No excuses. Just the photes (sic). Last week was a complete blur of activity, so I'm really grateful for this project to help me remember all of it.

43/365 - I went into the studio to record with Jacob Metcalf, and he was getting ready to track some final vocals and guitar when I arrived.

44/365 - I went back to the studio in Fairview, TX the next day to lay down some solid gold violin tracks with my friend and fellow violinist, Petra. The studio was actually a house that had been entirely converted into a recording studio business, and it was in the most beautiful area. When I was leaving at about 3:30pm, the driveway looked gorgeous underneath the trees and with the remaining snow.

45/365 - For Valentines Day Kevin and I went out and did some preliminary house hunting to rule out/in certain neighborhoods we'd found online, then finished the night off at our favorite restaurant in Lakewood - Scalini's. I love that we have a place that's "our place."

46/365 - The 15th was the 33rd anniversary of Kevin's birth, and as part of his gift I got him a gift card to Good Records. After we went out to dinner we decided to drop by and put it to good use. I love this record shop and I hope it stays around forever.

47/365 - A friend of mine got me a special soap from her place of employment (LAFCo in Highland Park Village) for my birthday last month and I've been using what's left of my other handsoap like crazy so that it will run out and I can use my new soap! I've got a case of the crazies!

48/365 - I love the art on our walls, and I love that much of it has been made by local artists, many of whom are our friends. This little gem was a piece I got from my sweet friend Shay the female portion of bee-things.

49/365 - Some evenings after a long day at work, there's nothing nicer than picking up some sushi from Central Market for dinner. No dishes, no mess, just sweet (or would that be salty?) deliciousness.

There. Whatever.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

arts district snow day

In the spirit of photography and snowiness, I thought it would be great to post someone else's photos today. Someone whose ability to shoot far exceeds mine, though I'd guess he's not using a Sony Cybershot...

Our External Affairs VP at work just sent out some photos that were taken of the arts district on our recent snow day last week. The photographer is Jeremy McKane, local web designer/photographer.

You can see the stunning photos here. There are a lot of photos of our center - the Winspear Opera House & the Wyly Theatre, and there are also pictures of One Arts Plaza, Booker T. Washington High School and the Dallas Museum of Art. I could look at these pictures all day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

birthday suit

Today is the husbo's 33rd birthday and in honor of the occasion he decided to don his best birthday suit.

He's so handsome! I love my boo and I'm glad we get to grow.....mature together.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

42/365 et al

This will be today's photo and various others that I shot today in a piece I will call "snow day."

42/365 - "car trek"

first tree


morning tree

en route



olive & ross

new neighbor




I was home not feeling well yesterday from work. While I rested I was able to catch up on one of my favorite dramas (said with a short "a" sound) Damages. I hadn't realized that the new season had begun until my dear friend Liz reminded me. I LOVE this show! Such a stellar cast and so unlike any other law dramas on tv deez dayz.


39/365, 40/365

Sunday was my good and long time pal Jesse's birthday. This is me saying Happy Birthday Jesse to him on my blog, but I don't think he reads this, but at least you'll know I said it, right, Internets?

Anyhoot, the day after Sunday, which was Monday, I went to work via a different route. My phone indicated to me that traffic on 75 was going to be a beast, so in an attempt to avoid the aforementioned traffic, I got to see some different scenery, like you'll see in the picture below. For some reason I have always loved these Ford model vans, do not ask me why for I know not.


Tuesday, otherwise known as the day LOST comes on, I went for the first time to watch LOST with a group of 300 people at the Angelika. It was put on by an organization called Red Carpet Crash, and I'm thinking about going again next week, but we'll play it by ear . By the way, for those of you who love LOST like I's do, you should check out the weekly episode recap on immediately:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Now, back to the blog. We went with several friends and ran into some others while we were there. I never knew there were so many LOSTees! Afterward, one of our friends Colin won a door prize - HOLLA! - and it was a bag full of comics. I love when my friends reveal their inner nerd.

"red carpet crash"


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

36/365, 37/365 & 38/365

I'm waaaaay behind, but I plan to trick you by blogging all the photos I missed in a few different blogs. You'll be nary the wiser. Without further ado.......I present you with the photos!

For 36/365 (last Friday) The Crash That Took Me was playing at the Double Wide, and on but a moment's notice, my sweet friend Sally Glass came up to see us play. I love her! This is a phote (sic) of her taking the stage before we went on.

"sally glass"

Then on Saturday, for 37/365, I spent a good part of the morning working on a film score project with a friend of mine. He's composing most of the music, and my job has been to arrange/transcribe a few of the pieces for strings and add a few parts here and there. It's been a really fun and exciting project and I hope I get to do more like it.

"garage band"

For 38/365, we went down to Cleburne to hang out with Kevin's family and "watch" the Superbowl. And by that I mean hang out, talk with family, then look up and get excited when everyone else starts yelling enthusiastically and hope they show and instant replay. I meant to take a picture of their house while it was still daylight because they bought a beautiful old home a little over a year ago, but I totally forgot, so instead I took a picture of a little CD that our friend Dragan burned for Kevin and left at our front door. I love it when people leave things cutely and gingerly leaned against other things. (What?)


Until next time! (check back in about 30 min or so)

Friday, February 05, 2010

33/365, 34/365 and 35/365

Okay so here I am, blogging yet again with pictures in threes. But! I will not let myself fall behind to four pictures!! So this may be a little shorter and sweeter, but I'll get better! I believe in me!

First up, 33/365. LOST. Season Premiere. FINAL season. LOST watching party. Dharma themed snacks. Need I say more? Yes. I LOVE LOST.

"Season 6"

Next, for 34/365, I took a photo as we were setting up for band practice for a show we actually have tonight at the Double Wide, woop woop! That's where I'll be going after I finish this blog. I love music and I love the peeps I get to play with.


Finally, for 35/365, I was laying on my bed last night just winding down before I went to bed, and Kevin's closet door was ajar. I knew this would be my picture. I saw the remnants of Kevin's LOST watching outfit hang with quiet pride in the closet. I love hilarious things.


Til we blog again!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


In our Project 365 group, February's theme, appropriately enough is "the things we love." Since I got to just stay home Monday night and not really do much for the first time in a couple weeks, I thought I'd start off taking a picture of one of the things I love most of all...that's right, get your trash cans out and your index finger husband.

He is my best friend, he makes me laugh harder than anyone else can, he challenges me and he's my number one supporter and fan. Plus he's not hard to look at.


Oh, in addition to loving my husbo, it should also be mentioned that I love hot tea, though I do not love the two in equal portions.


The 31st day of the year was also my dear friend Candiss' birthday as well as the final performance of Showboat. Unfortunately I missed Candiss' bday dinner, but Kevin and I did get to share the evening after the performance together. We decided that we would make some late night chili and just relax and we did just that. I got the chili recipe from my friend Rhealyn and we LURVE it. We had to go grab all the ingredients at the store after I got home, so I decided to take my camera with me.

I really like the O Organics branding at Tom Thumb. Some of you designer types might disagree with me, but I'll stand my ground!


Here's a picture of the chili the first time we made it:

I's a gettin' hungry!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

mini blog re: LOST

Tonight marks the season premier of the FINAL season of LOST ever. EVER!! Kevin is the one who got me into LOST. We had just started dating and I was really sick in bed for about a week. He brought me cough drops, nyquil, food and Season 1 of LOST on DVD to watch. I was not into the show and didn't really know if I wanted to be, but what choice did I have? And so began my descent into LOSTeeism. I even joined a now dissipating discussion group, but that's a conversation NOT to have another day or ever.

We are splitting up tonight to watch the LOST opening episode tonight. Kevin started watching it with his brother and cousins 6 years ago, and that's how he's going to start this season, too, down in Cleburne. I'm sticking around in Dallas to watch with a couple of friends here in town, so I won't see him until late tonight. As we were getting ready this morning we were talking about it because we're huge giant nerds, and as we were walking out to our cars to go to work, he paused, looked back at me and said,

"Just think, next time we see each other everything will be different."

I love my husband.

[POST BLOG CONFESSION]: I feel a twinge of shame every time I capitalize all the letters in LOST. But I can't not capitalize them!

Monday, February 01, 2010


This post, like my next photo is inspired by the creatures of the sky. My new coworker and fast friend, we'll call her "Dana", knows that I have a definite and overwhelming penchant for owls, or as I like to call them, hoot hoots. Said penchant developed after I started dating Kevin many moons ago and he started to grow his glorious beard out. I was perusing the various booths at my favorite local antique shop Dolly Python, and stumbled upon the cutest little ceramic owl ever my eyes had seen. It was adorable on its own, but it was even more adorable because it looked JUST LIKE KEVIN. JUST LIKE HIM.

Naturally I purchased my new tiny treasure, and thus began a new collection of various owl items, most of which are antiques or unique representations of these sweet beasts of the night. Over the weekend, "Dana" sent me this article about an overly verbal owl disturbing his neighbors and it left me no other choice but to make my photo for the day owl focused. The small owl on the left was my first owl purchase (and Kevin's non-living doppleganger). The wooden one next to it is one my mom got us to add to our collection.

"what a hoot"

Now just try to tell me there's not an uncanny resemblance:

He's even got a feathered friend on his shoulder for crying out loud!


At work last Friday, as a spin off of our weekly Programming & Marketing meeting, we decided to do a little research for an upcoming event as part of our lecture series. On March 16 in the Winspear Opera House, we're presenting David Frost & Frank Langella in a conversation, an event I'm particularly excited about. To help with marketing ideas for the show, we ordered pizza and bought Frost/Nixon to watch over lunch. Such a great movie! And therein lay the inspiration for my photo.


I love my job.