Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fa la la la la, la la...la...la

Over the past... *counting*... 8 years or so, I've gotten into a habit of concluding emails with my first name, my last name, and betwixt the two, some (hopefully) clever moniker that represents my general lightheartedness. Right. For example:
Becki "two toes" Phares

p.s. I have more than two toes.
That's an old favorite. Well here on my blog for MILLIONS (I counted) to see, I've decided to compile a list of holiday signatures I can use that amuse me, and - if all is right with the world - my recipients. Now keep in mind, I've given no prior thought to what these might be, so if the list is short or bad, I think we'll all just need to calm down. *peering knowingly over bifocals*

Beck "the Halls" Phares
Beck "nuts roasting on an open" Phares
Rebecca "have yourself a Pharey little Christmas" P-hares
Oh little town of ReBethelehem
Rebecki "oh come all ye" Pharesful
Becki "Christmas is on December 25th" Phares
Reba "I'll silent YOUR night" Phares
Becki "demons outside, good luck inside!" Phares <--- Japanese saying I found online! Yoink!
Becki "all the world should be taxed" Phares
Rebecca "would be born a virgin" Phares
Becki "swaddling clothes" Phares

And, I'm spent. Any suggestions are welcome. Happy almost December.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ebony and her ivory...

I recently just got off the phone with my most recent (and most prettiest) roommate, Erin......or as I like to refer to her - the ebony to my ivory, hence the title of this post. We hadn't seen each other since the Walkmen concert, so we certainly had some catching up to do.

We talked for a while, and upon expressing my dismay that we haven't talked in so long, she informed me that she's been a little pre-occupied, as she has now obtained........a man. This is BIG news, guys. Erin is ridiculously cool, so any "man" of hers has to also be ridiculously cool, and manly. Post-asking all the questions a good friend asks about any men that enter the picture, I got to the one that is going to make or break my approval concerning this relationship.......I know you know what I'm talking about ladies. "Does he like rock music?"

She replied, thankfully that he does, though he prefers rock of the classic persuasion, which is fantastic with me - I was raised on the stuff. (Gotta give a shout out to my dad for that one - Yo Pops! REPRESENT!)


He's not much into the indie rock scene, and I say, to each his own. Erin started telling me a story of an outing to a cd store they romantically shared recently. She was perusing the cd racks, trying to get away with not telling him what she was there to buy, for fear of being chastised. Finally, when she could avoid it no longer, she had to tell him that she was looking for the newest Coldplay album (X & Y). He naturally shook his head and said, "Uh uh." She was like, "What? They're really good!" And his response makes me approve of him all the more, as honesty in any relationship is key...

"Coldplay is for suicidal white girls."

Shwew! Good thing I bought my tickets!

Monday, November 21, 2005

4:48 p.m. and counting...

As I embark on my 7th or 8th fruit roll up (lost count - I could look in my trash can, but I don't want to feel bad about myself), 3rd string cheese, and first Holiday 2005 coke that I told myself I wouldn't have...I think we can all agree that it's been a long Monday. After all, I don't usually write make two posts in one day, do I? Hmmm....?

I've also played COUNTLESS (see: so numerous as to be unable to apply numerical value to) games of SNOOD, and if you don't know what that is, you're better off. Every (slow) day I tell me-self that I'm not going to have a coke, I'll limit myself to 1 fruit roll up, and that I most certainly won't play SNOOD. And every day, I realize I'm a person lacking one admirable character quality: will power. But only on the little things! I'm really pretty good at the big stuff, I promise... Like, for example, I'm good at not burning down everything I see. I'm also good at not crashing my car (and/or a golf cart) into inanimate objects on purpose. See? I'm good at the big things.

fen bolds live...

So Saturday night, Nov. 19 in the 2005th year of our Lord at about 8:00p.m. began what became the best concert going experience of my life. Ben Folds played at Nokia Theater, and my little music loving heart nearly burst with joy as each passing song played. Now, let me preface this by saying that I am not normally a person who gets starstruck very easily AT ALL. If anything, I'm more inclined to think that "stars," as we call them, are not that big a deal. I can appreciate what they do, but they're just like you and me, just much more visible, no?

I guess we all have our exceptions, even if we try to put celebrities on an equal playing field with ourselves. J-Ro and Alex have Janet Jackson and Al Franken. Julie has Dooce. Jessica Williams has anyone whose songs are played on KISS FM, and I... *sigh*... have Ben Folds. He's the only artist who's entire discography, including b-sides, is in my possession....or at least I think so. This was also the only concert where I knew the words to every song save one, and yes, I was THAT girl that sang loudly and pumped her fist N'SYNC™ with the emphatic drum parts and/or odd rhythms. I think I might have also jumped up and down with both fists in the air and emitted "wooooooooooooo"s at various pitches after (and occasionally during) EVERY song. Oh, man, did I have a great time!

It was also great because the group that went was great. I hang out with everyone individually or in smaller groups, but we've never done stuff as a group, and it was glorious! The group was as follows: Amber "Ambie" King, Kevin "beard" Howard, Jesse "eh?" Hopkins, Stephanie "Mary Tyler Moore" Ransom, Paul "brown shirt" Samples, and Myself "me" Phares.

There really isn't a bad seat at Nokia, and my only complaint was the cost of the drinks. And the cost of the man's drink I knocked over (and subsequently reimbursed him for) while trying to pass by him to do what I like to call "the ticket exchange gone awry." I won't go into details, but let's just say it's over now, and all is well. Besides, he played Army and he split the audience up into different horn parts that we sang at the appropriate time, as well as on Not the Same. Again.......GLORIOUS!

I always vowed to myself that I would see a Ben Folds concert before I died, and clearly, I'm not a vow breaker.

NOTE TO READER: If I've ever broken a vow (that's serious folks) to you, please abort reading, close this browser window, and work on trying to forget two things: a) the last five words of that last sentence, and 2) the rage you felt after said vow was broken by me. Sorry.

Now I want to see him again! He'd probably play a birthday party for free, right?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Vainglory & Bigotry...ness

Monica and I went to go see Pride and Prejudice on Friday last. We got there pretty freaking early, which turned out to be a good thing, because the line got pretty freaking long. Behind the two of us was this couple who ended up being quite entertaining throughout the course of our wait in line, though they were none the wiser.

The guy kept talking to his wife about things of which he was clearly an expert, like the latest movie that everyone underestimated, or the coolest new cd to hit the ever-expanding market. I got to hear about these whilst Monica (or Bosley, as she will henceforth be referred) was relieving herself in the little tiny girl's room. There are a few items this man discussed with (or rather AT his wife, because I don't think I heard her speak once) that I felt noteworthy/entertaining enough to categorize by separate dashes, and they are as follows:


- 1 - The two people who cut in line ahead of us (and said guy and wife) even though we all still got great seats. He said that if people just stand by and allow this kind of behavior to happen, the perpetrators won't have any reason to stop.

Key phrase used: "Criminally Uncool."

- 2 - Justifying to his wife why he didn't see the point in going ALL THE WAY downstairs to get her coffee, even though she wasn't making a fuss about it.

Key phrase used: "It's not that cold outside anyway." He got her an ice cold cola beverage instead.

- 3 - Giving his expert opinion about movies that he has admittedly not seen.

Key phrase used: "Trust me, it's good. Trust me - I haven't seen it - but it's good."

Bosley and Becki and another night well played. It is good.

I did it...

I deleted my myspace account! FREEDOM!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

more like liespace...

I really really hate myspace.

Well, Becki, you say. Why are you still on it, silly pants?

Exactly, I would reply.


Let me (whimsically) make a list of the reason I bear such contempt for said myspace (and I will include the disclaimer that there are exceptions to every rule and that I'm a fan of blanket statements)

-On the internet (myspace, et al) one can make oneself anyone one wishes to be. This is NOT REAL. Yes, I'm sure that there are people on myspace that are everything they seem to be, but I believe that more often than not, this is NOT the case.

-When people message you on myspace (again, et al), it's generally NOT because they feel like you are a quality person who, upon involvement with them, would enrich their life beyond measure for the rest of your respective lives. It's because they think you are attractive and/or willing to participate in various activities with them. I just had a discussion with my friend Eric (reference #1 - CHECK!) at work about how this type of interaction is no different than the reasons someone might approach another someone in a social setting - bar, club, cocktail party, golf tournament, etc. - and why is it worse when it's online? I replied that I just get an uneasy feeling about meeting people online and knowing only an interpretation of themselves BY themselves (which is certainly credible). At least when someone approaches you in person, they know nothing except how you look right now. Attraction is important, but at least there isn't this "likely to be false" impression of your character floating around. There's just nothing. I don't really like being approached by people I don't know anyway, so maybe I'm not a good judge of this.

-I don't like being able to keep tabs on people. Who's posting on whose page (which is CLEARLY an indication of who a person's dearest friends are), who's in a relationship, and who's lots of other things. I don't know. I tend to like to look and see who's posting on other people's pages, and who's in whose top 8, and maybe I don't like that about myself.

-I also don't like the self glorification that permeates everything myspace is. Look at this amazing new post I just wrote, along with this amazingly beautiful picture of myself. Please comment on it so I can feel justified as a person. And again, I'm guilty of having put pictures of myself that I feel are attractive on there, and again, maybe I don't like that about myself.

I truly don't use myspace as a dating tool, because meeting new people with the preliminary expectation of romantic interest in real life makes me nervous anyway, let alone someone who I've never met and don't know anything about on the internet. I think it's ridiculous. I know sometimes it happens, but see: I think it's ridiculous.

I think myspace is good because I can keep in touch with people that live far away, but really I just need to exchange emails and phone numbers with these people, and the people who are more than just a number on my friends list will keep in contact. Sorry about the rant, but I've been feeling convicted (insert Christian jargon, exhibit A) about it, and with every passing day I get closer and closer to deleting my account. Oh what a glorious day it will be! I really feel like a weight will have been lifted.

I don't know why I don't just do it now. Sucka.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

for I been told...

I'm at work by myself. Oh the beauty of having to stay here whilst everyone goes to lunch. Woot woot! I actually kind of like being the only one here. I can turn my minimally loud music (thanks mini Mac "speakers!") to an almost audible volume! When the phone isn't ringing and I'm not trying to figure out how to do something I've never done before, I enjoy the office when it's quiet. I guess I enjoy it when it's not, too, but it's pretty peaceful in here right now.

The front of our building is made almost entirely of glass, and we have these see through but not shades that can roll down or up at our fancy, and right now they're all down, save our doors, which are and will ever remain.....shadeless. Anyhoot, the effect is quite pleasing, and it feels/looks really warm in here.

I'm listening to Bosque Brown right now, and it makes me want to join a folkish, countryish, 40s-ish band and play violin for them. It reminds me of this song, "Broke & Alone" that Paul Minter and Ryan Sprinkle and I recorded for this film my friend Jason Baguio made. Any excuse to play double stops -- To produce two tones simultaneously on (a stringed instrument) by stopping two strings with one hand while bowing them with the other. -- is reason enough for me. I love 'em!

I once wrote a "lick/riff/hot beat" on the violin that is filled with double stops and was inspired by listening to "the ludlows" on the Legends of the Fall soundtrack. I love playing it. I love listening to really good string players play really good pieces. Maybe one day I'll make it into more than just a "lick/riff/hot beat."


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

feeling anxious...?

Do you ever feel anxious and don't know why? I do. In fact I do right now. Well, actually, I think I probably would know why if I let myself think about it for longer than the time it takes my brain to say "NO! Remember how you don't want to think about why you're anxious because then you'll have to deal with it! NO-HOOOOOO!"

Let's do some therapy, okay? I'm going to try to think about all (or most of) the things I'm anxious about, and write them down. We'll do this together, you and I.

1. My final electricity bill from my old apartment. I was going to just pay the whole thing because I don't want the first call to my friend/old roommate in a month to consist of asking for money, but the bill is too much, and though I could pay it, I'd also like to eat between now and two weeks from now.
2. The medical bill totalling $723.80 for BLOODWORK to figure out what the heck was wrong with me over a year ago that my beautiful Blue Cross Blue Shield was supposed to cover but didn't that has now gone to collections. BLOODWORK!! I'm now waiting to hear back from the collections agency with a breakdown of the bill so I can YET AGAIN submit it to BCBS so they'll take responsibility for this bill that's not mine to pay. I thought the worrying happened when you DIDN'T have insurance.
3. Everything financially related, apparently:
-plane ticket to Wichita.
-saving money for a computer that I'm already paying a DSL bill for - nevermind that there's no device in my house that will connect me to this internet for which I'm paying monthly. Plus the transfer charge!! WOOHOO!
4. Buying those new designer pumps that are simply a must have for the post-daylight savings time season!
5. Buying that new designer purse that doesn't match, but compliments said pumps.
6. Reminding myself that I don't buy designer anything.
7. Hoping that one day I'll marry an accountant who would absolutely RELISH the opportunity to balance the checkbook and pay all the bills. DELISH!
8. Worrying that I'll keep double booking my evenings (even though I'm really trying to incorporate a calendar into my life that I'll actually check) and making people feel like they're not important. I hate this feeling.

Maybe I should watch this.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

all hallow's eve...

It's been TWE12E days since my last post. Alack and alas, what e'er have I done!?! I'll never disappoint my millions and millions of readers (see: millions and millions = 2, one of which is me, the other of which is my dad, provided I call and remind him that my blog is more than just that one entry I told him to read last month) again!

There's been some sad news, but I don't want to blog about that just yet, so instead I'll recount, via pictures and hilarious anecdotes, my experience at a halloween party friday last. First let me list who donned what costume:

me - Paris Hilton (and tinkerbell), who else?
Zach - a urinal
Liz - UPS delivery guy
Candiss - vampiress
Levi - mummy
Daniel - Mick Jagger
Julie - Audrey Hepburn (perfect!)
Justin - Uncle Rico
Stephanie - wood nymph
Jennifer/Rachel - gypsies
Ryan E. - Tommy Lee
Heather - Pamela Anderson
Leah - FedEx delivery guy (a war betwixt delivery services reigned!)
Eric - Big bad wolf
Mandy - little red riding hood
Josh - sports fan
Marian - tv playing sports
Courtney - girl in bath towel
Nathan - bubble bath
Jesse - underwear model (he changed underwear - NOT manties, thank goodness - periodically through the night)
Amber - Marge Simpson
Erin - candy corn
Sean - beer keg
Dragan - plug
Elissa - socket
Nicole - mad hatter
Jon - someone else from Alice in Wonderland?

The girl who one the costume contest made her own Bjork costume that was super awesome tuff! I don't know her though, and I don't even know her name, but I think you'll agree that this picture speaks a thousand words..........or maybe just two or three.

I don't know. I got nothing. Happy Halloween. whatever.