Friday, October 30, 2009

unidentified object

I stumbled upon this mysteriously unidentifiable object in my parking garage on my way back from lunch today.

If not for the label, I think I may have lost some sleep over this. Thank you to ye who has Microsoft Word and a laser printer! Thank you!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

mommy style

I ran across this cute blog a while ago - a "mommy style" blog because she's a mom who refuses to stop being cute just because she's got kiddos. She makes a lot of her own clothing and I love it!

Which brings me to the crux of this post. I saw this post she wrote and decided to link to it. She calls this her "ladies who lunch dress" sans champagne glass.

She's doing a giveaway of the dress, and I figure I might as well give it a shot! The dress is adorable and I love the color!!

I first discovered her on a wardrobe refashion website that focuses on using only second hand items to refashion or make your own clothes and I've been a fan of hers ever since. It makes me think about maybe trying to sew something one day. Maybe. Someday. Possibly.

Check her out!