Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"memorializing" country nuptials

My dear friend Tammy got married this weekend to her dear beau Adam down in Fredericksburg, TX. More specifically at the Red Barn at Pepper Ranch, and if you haven't been to Frederickburg you should check it out. It's GORGEOUS. It's about an hour and a half west of Austin, and being in beloved Hill Country, I'm sure you can imagine it's glorious magnificence. I may or may not have just wanted to use the phrase "glorious magnificence," but don't let that diminish it's actual grandeur. It was extremely beautiful. I was a little nervous driving down because I haven't been there before, and being primarily a city girl, I only feel half confident navigating the country roads and not second guessing that I missed Loop SH TX 290 South Business CR West East North every mile.

ALSO.....GPS......not so hot in the rural areas, turns out. I'm not complaining because the very idea of GPS and the fact that we can use it successfully probably about 85-90% of the time is a minor miracle. However, when you're driving to the country, are already unfamiliar with the gravely/dirt-y terrain, and your GPS is telling you the location is in the center of a cow pasture where no building can be seen for miles, but there are plenty of no trespassing signs....when the only phone number you have is the bride's and you don't want to trouble her before her wedding...it can be a little frustrating. But hey, I made some new friends:

They were quiet, pensive friends, but friends nonetheless, especially in my time of need. Their silence (and a static riddled phone call back from one of the bridesmaids handling the bride's phone) served as my guide back to the ACTUAL location of the wedding versus the pretend GPS location.

Here are some of my favorite photos I got of the wedding:

(this one is my favorite):

It was a gorgeous, intimate ceremony, and I am so happy for Tammy & Adam!! And everyone should get married in Fredericksburg. Just make sure you take plenty of pre-recorded talk radio to keep you company on the 4.5 hour drive to and from, particularly if you're driving back that night and not arriving home until 1:30 in the morn. But man my bed sure felt nice.

To the Vanderkolks - Salud! And always remember, when you toast someone, it's polite to make eye contact whilst toasting. (I prefer to make the eye contact as intense and uncomfortable as possible)

Monday, May 18, 2009

spam inspired posting

I'm not talkin' 'bout cans o' meat, y'all! I have recently been bombarded with spam comments by the same person....we'll call him "Ed," since that's what it says "his" "name" is. As annoying as that is (does anyone know how to report an unwanted commenter, by the by? I've searched and can't figure it out)

One good thing about "ed" is that in my one by one attempt to delete all his comments, I realized that I used to post a lot!! A LOT! I don't know what has happened in the last year or so....other than acquiring a husbo (or would that be an husbo?) and a new job that I love that keeps me busy. I don't really spend all the much time on the computer when I'm at home and since I'm so busy at work, there's no blogging time there...

I know there have been times when I've been out with peeps and thought "this is 'totes' blogworthy! I MUST blog about this on my weblog!!" And then by the time I'm home in front of the computer I've either lost the drive or the memory.

So.......that's it for now? Anti-climactic, eh? I'll try harder to be better for my "loyal" readers. :) If anyone is reading this now I guess you have to be loyal, or at the very least you just haven't taken me off your RSS feed despite my postlessness. :)


Monday, May 04, 2009

we all sing with the same voice

Takin' it back, what what!

I know this is no substitute for a real post, but it's what I got, and I'm givin' it to ya!

I was talking about this with a friend at lunch - our most memorable Sesame Street songs/skits, etc. This one was most definitely my very favorite song they ever sang. Though Crystal Gayle feat. her hair, Savion Glover and James Taylor also stand out, this one shone above the rest. I guess even since I was little, I was a staunch supporter of equality and connectedness.

Plus I always wanted to be able to do a back handspring like the girl at around 2:09 sec. in the video. JEALOUS!!!