Thursday, August 23, 2007

moooooooooore dressers!

$20 a piece. Inner city retail store you've been so good to us....


Friday, August 17, 2007

ch ch ch ch ch cherry cola......

Cherry coke tastes like summer. Summer from my childhood in Kansas City specifically. Maybe. Even though I spent only 6 years of my childhood there, whenever I think of my childhood, I always still kind of think of Kansas City first. I'm not sure why. And in my childhood memories....the daylight and the colors look different. Like everything is taken in a photograph, a really good photograph. I don't think this post really makes much sense.

Anyway, cherry coke tastes like summer.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

with which you dress...

I've been wanting to write more blogs with substance lately, but I'm having trouble deciding about what to write. Given that the level of humor in my writing has significantly decreased, I'm trying to think of something funny to blog about that doesn't involve a funny video or a post of entirely pictures, where in it LOOKS like I'm blogging and taking up a lot of space, but my 3 readers can only be fooled by such antics for so long.

Okay, this isn't necessarily "funny" in the classical sense of the word, but it will do. As some of you know and some of you might not, Kevin, my betrothed, works as a manager at a popular "inner city" department store for today's hep cats (read: hip kids). This has been a giant blessing for us in lots of ways, especially as we prepare to join all of our belongs together as one in holy material-things matrimony.

Well recently, as this "non-rural" store has been preparing to change it's face a bit and thus will be doing some redecorating, Kevin came into work one afternoon recently to a note that said the sweetest words I've ever heard...

"We're getting rid of all the furniture. If you have the means to take anything TODAY, take whatever you want. We're giving whatever isn't taken away tomorrow."


Kevin usually drives what he describes as an............... ahem........... older, fatherly figure type man car. Chrysler Sebring to be exact. But on this day......on this most GLORIOUS of days, Kevin's car was going to be in the shop, so he borrowed his dad's truck, which as chance would have it, was the EXACT size of our BRAND NEW VERY OLD DRESSER!

Now, this is a preliminary picture, and Kevin doesn't think it's his best photography work as the dresser was still in the bed of the truck when the picture was taken and Kevin is not 6'11", but I think you get the idea. Granted it will need some paint work and perhaps some new hardware-ing up (that's right Kevin, I said it! Live on national television!) but I LOVE it and it's my favorite piece of furniture I think we'll have at this point.

Once we get into wherever the heck we're going to live and paint the furniture and fix it up, I'll do some before and after, and maybe even some during photos! But for now, I'll go with all we've got. I'm only going to post pictures of the dresser right now because it's got the best lighting. More to come, dear millions of readers.....more to come.

Dresser 1:

Dresser 2:

And I even have this cool antique-ish mirror that I got at our youth group garage sale (WHAT WHAT!) that we can hang above the dresser where we'll gaze narcissistically at our glorious faces! Er.....

I can't wait!! It's going to be fun, getting married!

Monday, August 13, 2007

teeny ninjas...

You tell it wrong that I think this is so funny?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Carter Booth

So last weekend was Dale & Rhealyn's wedding and they got married at the exact same place Kevin & I are getting married so it was great to see the way they had it all set up so we can steal all their ideas. Woop woop! (I kid, I kid!)

Carter Rose of his personal photography and his business photography was there taking his own snapshots for a feature called "Photo Booth." He and his partner recently added this as an option to their wedding packages and it is SOOOO cool! Here are a few of my favorite shots (I know this might seem like more than "a few," but there were HUNDREDS of pictures, so this is narrowed down, believe the words I say):

Can I just say that I'm SO DANG GLAD that Carter & Co. is shooting our wedding? Can I just say it?!


Friday, August 03, 2007


is KILLING me today.

This job is stretching me in more ways than I've ever been stretched in any job ever. I know that's good in the great big thing that is life, but my character muscles are sore.

Friday, hallelujah you're here!

Here's a little something to help me forget about life for a while: