Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Oh my gosh. I saw this as a google ad above my gmail inbox, and upon further inspection, I decided that I was extremely uncomfortable. Is this a joke? You tell me.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Oh my gosh. This is hilarious. It made me tense the whole time I was reading it, but it was a good tense. It's four pages, I think, so make sure you have a few minutes of down time.

a softer world

Ha ha! I stole this from dooce's website. She linked to it today. These are so cool!

So cool, in fact that I created a link to it in the "In My Browser" section of this site. DO IT!

if I were a rich girl

*DISCLAIMER - I promise to write a blog with substance soon. Until then...this is alls I got.

It's a mistake. It's a mistake to visit websites with things on them that you'll never be able to afford. Just like it's a mistake to visit the BMW car dealership when you're on a KIA budget. Marc Jacobs is my BMW dealership. When will I learn?!

13 x 3.5 x 8"
gabardine w/leather detail (?)

12 x 5 x 9.5
metallic leather

green apple
14 x 6 x 10.5
matte leather w/studded detail

9.5 x 4 x 8.5
shiny leather

13.5 x 5.5 x 10.5
metallic leather
I couldn't include a picture here because iBlogger is taking 7,000 hours to upload it, so you'll just have to imagine how glorious I would look carrying it. *sigh* GLORIOUS!

Man, this post makes me look materialistic. Eh.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


It's cool that only three of the eight blogs I've linked to on the right column of my blog actually update their sites somewhat regularly. No, really. I like it.

p.s. I've been home sick all this weekend, and since we have a computer at home now (with which I can hop onto the interweb), I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some really extensive thought provoking blogging. Hmm. How'd that work out?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

that quite reminds me of my lord Jesus

*gingerly placing Cat Stevens on the turn table and carefully dropping the needle in the correct groove* "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody..." Wait a second! Just wait right there, Cat.....or should I say "Steven Demetre Georgiou" or "Yusuf Islam." It was a Saturday night and I DID have somebodies! (incidentally Elissa, tell Dragan that "Cat's" first concert as Yusuf Islam after 20 years of stepping away from the music industry was in Sarajevo to celebrate Bosnian culture. - Thanks Google!)

a little bit of girls:

a lot bit of jesse:

a little bit of....*eyes darting side to side*...."the dance":

a little bit of boys:

a little bit of marian and sports....er....josh:

a little bit more of girls:

and a lot bit of the group:

3:57 pm and all's well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Julie tagged me. I'm it. I love being it.

Four Jobs I've Had

1 Blockbuster Video - WOW! What a difference. (that's for those of you born pre-Gulf War)
2 Landmark's Inwood Theater - smelled like vinegar water, popcorn, smoke and hot dogs, but I got to wear a cool tie!
3 MBNA - somehow I can't remember the last 4.5 years of my life...almost as if they had been sucked right out of me...hmm
4 TractorBeam - not about tractors.

Four Movies I Would Watch On Repeat

1 Amelie - sorry Julie, I don't mean to copy you, but it's true
2 Waiting for Guffman - working, pushing, never stopping, never sleeping!
3 Searching for Bobby Long - Scarlett Jovolta...who could go wrong?
4 All the Real Girls - what's he gonna say about you, land dog?...nuff said.

Four TV Shows I Love

1 The Office - I just recently started watching the American version, and whilst BBC is definitely better, it's quite amusing!
2 Six Feet Under - oh Claire and Nate and Ruth and David and Rico and Arthur....you slay me!
3 Sex and the City
4 Grey's Anatomy

Four Websites I Visit Daily
I don't visit websites other than blogs too terribly much, so this will include blogs AND sites.....maybe

1 Julie
2 dooce
3 lonely island
4 iThings
man, I need to find some new websites - minus Julie, of course, but the other ones are sooo 2005

Four Foods I Lust For

1 Snuffer's Cheese Fries
2 Sushi from Asian Mint and/or sushi from Reikyu in Mockingbird Station
3 Five Cheese Baked Ziti from Olive Garden
4 Steak and/or beef in general (w/cheese if it's in hamburger form)

Four Beers I Like
Negra Modelo (look, Julie and I are best friends and sometimes we like the same things, okay?)
Red Stripe
Black Velvet - ace pear cider with guiness on top!

Four Tags

jerome - this will give you incentive to start blogging again, Jerkface....er....great friend of mine!
eric - WINK!
rian - enjoy!
kevin - that's right. So it begins.

Friday, January 20, 2006

at long last...ny...well, kind of

Okay, so as a little congraduations present for myself, I went to NY to visit Julie with Christian and Jessawill. Since this trip was the first in which I had my digital camera, all my pictures were stored on it's little bitty memory stick (172 to be precise). I am an idiot, and thus was unaware of how to go about getting these pictures out of my camera and into the hands/URLs of those who desire them....namely one Christian Kelly. *peering knowingly over bifocals at C.K.*

Anypops, I finally figured out a few days ago how to hook up my camera to my computer at work and up(not down)load them into iPhoto, then into the Flickr Uploadr (clever) and into my flickr account. I really deserve an ice cream, I think. The kind with the cake cone, not the brown triangle cone. *blech!* As I have previously stated, I'm not so much one for picking up on technology early on in its development. I'd rather wait until all my friends know how to use it, then have them teach me. Instruction manuals are entirely overrated.

Anyway, after some toiling (and calling Julie for help) I figured out today how to actually get the pictures from the uploadr into my flickr account. BAD news is, after only 30 of the 172 pictures had been uploaded, I exceeded my bandwidth (like that's a real word) allowance......FOR THE MONTH!! That means I have to wait five and a half months to get all my pictures onto Flickr??!?!!!? RIDICULOUS! I hate you bandwidth restriction! Why you gotta bust mah flava?

Here are 4 pictures to highlight the trip:

1. skyline from Julo's rufe (sic):

2. it must be art:

3. julie's a hungy!:

4. and scenes from an italian resaurant (name that reference!):

More to come over the next 5.5 months. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

lilacs drink a lot of water

Oh man. I have such great friends. Yesterday, January 18, 2006, marked the 24th anniversary of my birth. Oh, birth, I owe my life to thee. Er....kind of. Anyway, I awoke yesterday to the vibratous (go with it) sound of my sister calling me from my phone's little charger cradle across the room. She was technically the first to CALL me on my birthday, though I was talking to "someone" before my birthday and the conversation extended into my birthday, and said "someone" extended a congratulatory phrase that was right pleasing to me. :) Right, sorry.

Then I went out of my bedroom to start my day, and I was greeted with this!!

Then I opened up my bathroom to start getting ready and I was greeted with this!!!

Then this!!!!

Thanks Candiss (and to Marian and Levi for blowing up some balloons - nice work)!!!!! What better way to start the day. Then the phone calls and emails and texts I got were awesome! My dad wrote me a little poem and my mom had flowers sent to my work, and Elissa brought lilacs (and the title of this post......boy is it true! gah!) to me at work. It was a great day all around and I felt extremely loved and appreciated. Oh, then! Then at youth group they got cherry pie and brownies to celebrate my birthday as well as Josh's. Woohoo for youth group!

I definitely feel a lot older though. I woke up and my hip broke, then I noticed that the luggage I've been carrying around under my eyes had gotten a little heavier. I guess it really is only downhill from here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

tangled up in....food?

For the most part, my newly "getting long" hair has been only a positive experience. I haven't had long hair in quite a while.....about five years or so I think. It definitely takes some getting used to. Although I must say, I have a nice little built in heater/cold protector for my neck in these blustery winter months.....oh wait. No, it's January and still in the 70s. Interesting. Well, when I turn my fan on high in my room and stand right under it....then it provides a nice little built in heater/cold protector for my neck. Yes.

One thing I had forgotten about having long hair is the inevitable tangles that ensue. It's ridiculous, really, but I haven't had tangles in half a decade. To top it all freaking off, today whilst I was trying to multi-task, (one of those tasks being to down a small tub of applesauce because I'm a little bitty baby who eats applesauce) I flicked a spoonful of applesauce into my hair and on my neck. Attractive? To say the least. Then what I couldn't get out with the papertowels we have at work, it dried and became QUITE tangled. Upon trying to release these tangles, I did manage to relieve my head of a few extra hairs it clearly did not need.

Oh, man. How much longer can I grow?

Monday, January 16, 2006


This just might be priceless.

kick rocks, man

Figure 1.2 - There is an outside door to my work on the side of the building and then there is an interior door to my specific company. This building is leased out to 3-4 companies, and we (TractorBeam) are one of them. Well this morning I arrived at work to find the exterior door performing as usual, but the interior door was ajar and the knob was lying on the floor in two pieces (see: Figure 1.2). I went in and found out from my boss and one of our designers that someone broke in around 2 this morning, and the inside alarm (the part that makes the noise) had been ripped off the wall and was also lying in two pieces on the floor inside. Man, I don't blame them for that. I set the alarm off once............okay twice, and I wanted to claw my ears off it was so ridiculously loud! It doesn't help that the floors are cement and the sound bounces around, creating an effect liken to the apocalypse.

After looking around, we figured out that all they got was this 13" tv and a VCR to go along, neither of which we have used since I've worked here. They tried to take a computer monitor and a stereo, but were unsuccessful. We (and the crime scene investigator that came and dusted for prints - sounds official doesn't it?) think it was probably a homeless person because of how they got in through the basement outside, and we're right on the outskirts of Dallas and there are a few shelters within walking distance, but who knows.

Anyway, at least the mood here is light. I mean, nothing huge was taken, and after all, it is MLK's birthday. *nodding*

Okay, well......I'm off to write a press release! Huzzah!

Friday, January 13, 2006

heart likes

These are some things I love:

1. fruit roll-ups (red is the best)
2. lunch breaks at the All Good Cafe w/friends and grilled cheese/avocado sandwiches. (so far this consists of liz, sara, stephanie & elissa, and winston - you, blog readers, control the lengthening or staying the same size-ness of said list)
3. finding out that the aforementioned "All Good Cafe" serves breakfast ALL (good) DAY!! I'm ordering pancakes next time I go there, that's a fact!
4. Bill Withers
5. memoirs - good ones
6. Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising contracts........wait a minute.....
7. Good emails :)
8. basset hounds
9. chocolate covered frozen bananas (though I haven't had one since 5th grade)
10. musicals
11. back massages
12. more back massages
13. Amelie
14. Yann Tierzen
15. The Girls
16. finding out just now that "phare" in french means "headlight"
17. making a sandwich at home in the middle of the day with sunlight coming through the windows
18. natural lighting
19. my friends
20. learning

Okay, that's all I got for now.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

jillian jillian, on the wall

My first apartment roommate in college, Jill "tickle the ivories" Michaelree, posted this once in a blog, and I thought it was HILARIOUS, so I thought I'd share... (SLIGHTLY edited version for tha kiddies)

Not so much Air... Supplied
So I love Portland's public library because you can get anything: Queer as folk on DVD, the entire David Bowie collection on CD, Murder She Wrote, herpes... anything under the Portland sun (or recently lack of said sun). Anywhotles, so all you do is go to their website from the comfort of your own home and use your library card number to reserve anything you can dream of, except maybe hookers (see: one that hooks), but those can be found on the Burnside bridge with comparable ease. After you place a hold, wait a week or a month until your stuff gets in and BLAMO! Free entertainment! Thank you Taxes! So a few weeks ago I was surfing for Air albums, like a good little elitist almost 24-year-old, and found one that I thought was called "Supply."

"Hazaah!" I cried. "Something new to smooch to!"

Well friends, two weeks later I indeed DID get something to smooch to... if I were smooching in 1983. Nope, not some archived middle school version of our favorite Frenchy ambient band... singing in their fem voice about the trials of acne and the girl they sit behind in Math's red locks...

Its freaking Air SUPPLY, favorite band of single moms in the midwest (or de' Bridget Jones vol. 1). So I put in said CD (ends up being "greatest hits") and try to make it with my man.


(insinuates looking back and forth with disbelieving eyes and shrugged shoulders)


Nothing kills labido like "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you..." And it doesn't get better from there. EVERY song was about lost love and missed chances and the hope of a better tomorrow. I felt like I was stuck in a Gweneth Patrow romantic comedy only Brian and I are only average looking and are neither hopeless romantics. We just wanted some love.

Ridiculous. Bloody Bloody ridiculous.

Oh, Jillian, how I miss thee!! She's gettin married this year (as can be seen at the bottom of the blog I just linked to) and I'm a'comin'! What's the date again, Jill? Do you even still read this? *crossing fingahs*


Two of the qualities I find to be most admirable in people (and have defined according to Merriam-Webster below) are as follows:

wisdom - 1 a : accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : KNOWLEDGE
b : ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : INSIGHT
c : good sense : JUDGMENT
d : generally accepted belief


prudence - 1 : the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason
2 : sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs
3 : skill and good judgment in the use of resources
4 : caution or circumspection as to danger or risk

I have recently become involved as a youth group leader at my church, and last night we focused on Proverbs 8:1-5 with the kids, which talked about both of these characteristics. We also talked about how wisdom and knowledge aren't synonyms. It's pretty cool, because I think that I had previously underestimated their capacity for understanding, but they're really doing great. (hear that, Tate face? - you're doing great!!....now give me a cookie....seriously) Anyway, this is the passage:

Does not wisdom cry out,
And understanding lift up her voice?
She takes her stand on the top of the high hill,
Beside the way, where the paths meet.
She cries out by the gates, at the entry of the city,
At the entrance of the doors:
"To you, O men, I call,
And my voice is to the sons of men.
O you simple ones, understand prudence,
And you fools, be of an understanding heart.

Proverbs is pretty cool because since Solomon couldn't give instructions on how to be wise and prudent in every possible situation that will ever arise EVER, he just shows what they could LOOK like, and we get to apply them to all our crazy, wisdom requiring situations.

Like for example, when Julie buys turtles on the street, I can use prudence by refraining from saying that I hate turtles with everything in me and that every time I see one in person, I try to eat it as fast as I can. See? I'm being cautious because I know that due to her growing love for turtles daily, her little turtle shaped heart would be crushed! (JUST KIDDING JULIE! I love little Jane and Michael Banks already and I've never even met them! Just seen digital representations of them on your website. And I would NEVER EVER try to eat them.....while you were looking.)

If I had turtles, I would name them Wisdom and Prudence, and I would always write letters to Prudence. They would start a little something like this:

Dear Prudence,

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I don't know if I would have rather finished the book before finding out about this or not.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jaronius Brown Strikes Again!

Yesterday was Jessica(J-Ro)'s 24th Birthday, and I neglected to reference it on the proppa day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA AND I LOVE YOU!!!

mystery number not so mysterious

Oh my gosh. So yesterday this freaking mystery number called me AGAIN (much to my "surprise") and I decided not to be a wuss and face this call once and for all! That's right, I decided to call the number and sit silently and wait for the person on the other end to say something. Passive aggressive? NAY! I say sleuth-like! *pumping fist in air*

Anyway, I was greeted by counter-silence, then the click of my deepest, darkest fear......disconnection. Frustrated, I did nothing else. Then at approximately 5:45, the number called again. This time I answered and actually extended a greeting......a firm, but salutory (see: word of the week, var. 1) greeting. Again, the click came. GAH! I called back this time, and found myself ear to recording with the after hours greeting of the NPR 90.1 FM office.


Now it's all clear to me. It's January, and almost exactly one year ago, I decided to be a good person and finally not ignore the oct-annual pledge drive on my morning drive to work. I called in, pledged to the station, and got two free tickets to the live recording of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" at SMU's McFarland Auditorium, which one JulesDWit attended with me. -Julie! Remember the two older ladies in front of us that are going to be us one day? Remember how you were the one with the hair extentions in the form of a ponytail that kept grazing your knee as she would get tickled more and more with each passing quip by Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell! - -Julie! Remember also how I locked my keys in my car that night WHILST it was RUNNING and you waited with me until that creepy guy from AAA came and tried to get me to sit in his car with him then YOUR car died because we sat in it with the light on waiting for the creepy guy to come, and the uptown guys with the vintage Beetle helped us start it?! -

Anyway, breaking news:

Dear NPR,

I love you. I love your diverse, entertaining, and informative programming. However, when you call my phone 6-7 times a day, it makes me hate you. Well, maybe hate is a strong word, but the love is definitely dwindling with each subsequent, unidentified call. When you call again, which you inevitably will, I will have to tell you how I feel in a way that only Tenacious D has captured with an eloquence I'm as yet incapable of displaying. "Listen, dooon't tell me what I want. I'll tell yoooou...what I want."

A Now Hesitant Pledgist

Monday, January 09, 2006

that is SOOO last year...

SALUTATIONS! (my word of the week)

Here are some New Year's Eve/New Year's Day pictures that I got from Julie, so I thought I'd share the joyous, joyfilled joy pictures with...*pointing* YOU.

Happy New Year!

Intense New Year!


Tha Girls - an aerial depiction:

My new Christmas purse! (thanks Jessawill)

Two peas in an annual pod....

Another great New Year's in Mesquite. Gosh, Mesquite. When will you stop being filled with such ceaseless fun?!

Friday, January 06, 2006

media intelligence...

Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? Official, even? Well kids, I'm learning how to do it. That's right. Your very own Rebecca P. Phares (P always sounds right to me as a middle initial, no matter the name.....try it. CHALLAAUUUNGE!) is learning how to media intelligence. er......

I didn't really want to write a post about media intelligence, I just wanted to TITLE my post media intelligence. Let's move on to the good stuff. Actually, I don't really have good stuff planned either. Well, maybe I do.... Now I've got you RIGHT where I want you....sitting at a computer reading my blog! Muahahahaha! All two of you!


Oh, I know what I can write about. Let me explain a little something about myself to preface. I'm one of those people, who upon the advent of "the caller ID," soiled myself with glee! Okay, maybe it didn't go quite that far, but I was elated nevertheless. Talk about Intelligent Media! *hopes they don't realize that telecommunications is not technically a "medium"* I like to know with whom I'm about to be speaking. That's one of those surprises I'm not a big fan of. Not knowing who the heck I'll find when I answer the phone has a 50/50 chance of turning out positive, and another thing I'm not a big fan of are those odds.

Anybuns, this number (which I will refrain from posting on here - but believe you me I thought about it!) called my cell phone yesterday FIVE times, and has called TWICE today thus far, and there is nary a phone message to be left. If it's important enough that you call me FIVE TIMES IN ONE DAY, wouldn't it be important enough to LEAVE A FREAKING MESSAGE? -surely this person reads my blog, and will be happy to answer these questions in the form of a message on my voicemail. Thank you in advance for this, anonymo.-

At first I was just letting it peacefully go to voicemail because the calls began while I was at work, and I don't like to answer my phone at work so much anyway, but after call number seven, I've moved on to a blatant punching of the ignore button, sending them straight to voicemail and quickening their pre-destined message leaving fate. Deny this fate if you will, number of mystery! I'll not heed the (your) call!

Anyway, I hope they leave a message so I know who the heck it is. Sheesh.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Here's designer Philip Lim that my friend from work turned me onto. I'll store this web page away until I make millions of dollars a second and have plenty of units of money left over for frivolous spending. I can't wait!

And this is NOT Philip Lim...well, it is, but not the right one. The wrong one, instead. Blast you, wrong one. BLAST YOU!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

my iron cactus (lung)

Last wednesday, as I mentioned approximately negative 2 posts ago, we had our "5 year reunion" for my beloved class of 2000. It was kind of thrown together at the last minute, so there were probably 30-40 people that showed up. It was really nice though, because most all of the people that showed up were people I was actually looking forward to seeing and catching up with, and most of the smiles were real!

Here are a few necessary "time capsulations" to document this glorious eve:

-the girls-minus the essential J-Ro, so I guess I won't call it "the girls" per se:

-my favorite recent development:

-poteet high school alumni....wait a second....:

-re-creation of a photo (and then later, drawing) of same four peeps (clockwise from top, Jeremy Arianpour, Steven Horne, Jessica Williams, and myself) except previously, we used the antiquated "student" "ID." (I did a little "editing" so as not to reveal the locations of those participating):

-a little K Karvas action:

-Anthony "camel" Rudine, Jessawill, and Dwayne (sp?) Benoit, a friend of Josh and Anthony's from Tech:

-some more girls o' 2000 (from left: Fatima Robinson, Kamesha's friend, Kamesha, Andi Sloan, Kathleen McManus, Brittany Crow, and Jessawill):

-tish and I shrouded in red:

I forgot to bring my own camera, so there are some people missing from the proverbial "mix" (like the mix in the proverb), but these people not shown in the pictures were also in attendance, and if I forget anyone, God help me:

Erik Davila
Clint Fortenberry
Justin Balthrop
Jenni Balthrop (formerly of the Sage persuasion)
Amanda Gerlach
Enrico DeLeon
Barbara Kratus (organizer)
Ron Romero (organizer)
Lawrence Williams
Ryan Yarborough (sp?)
Ashley Dimsdle
Lindsey Pullen
Fred Parker

Here's to not seeing one another for another five years! SALUD! *clink!*