Tuesday, September 27, 2005

slap bracelets and cassette tapes....

Yes, that's right folks. I went to see the Walkmen last night. They were playing at Gypsy Tea Room, and this was my second concert on a weeknight, and it's only Tuesday. That's right......I'm throwing caution to the wind. I'll not heed the call of an early morning and the subsequent necessity of sleep, no sir!!

Anyhoot, the Walkmen opened up for Built to Spill in the ballroom, which I guess surprised me, though I'm not sure why. I guess BTS (as I'll now refer to them) has been around longer, but I guess I kind of thought the Walkmen (as I'll now refer to THEM) would be considered the better known act? I don't know. After the show, their lead singer was just outside talking on his cell phone in front of their not tour bus, but two vans. Way to keep it real guys. *nodding in approval with eyes closed* Way to keep it.

The concert was awesome....I rode with Levi, and Daniel, Jon, Erin (most recent roomie), Kevin, and some "see in Deep Ellum all the time" friends were out there, namely Ryan, Beau, and Chris the bartender, who I know from the "East Dallas Acoustic All Stars shows Radiant used to do at the Barley House. Oh, and I met a guy named Dave who was there because he evacuated Houston, and he reported that his house was fine, save a broken tree branch in his yard that caused minimal damage.

I have such great friends. Thanks, great friends, for making an evening enjoyable yet again. Salud!

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Jerome said...

i saw the walkmen at ACL and they rocked like a magic kiss!!

learn to return calls, by the by...i know you have lots of friends, but you could have more if you responded to their phone messages. or maybe that's your plan...