Monday, January 16, 2006

kick rocks, man

Figure 1.2 - There is an outside door to my work on the side of the building and then there is an interior door to my specific company. This building is leased out to 3-4 companies, and we (TractorBeam) are one of them. Well this morning I arrived at work to find the exterior door performing as usual, but the interior door was ajar and the knob was lying on the floor in two pieces (see: Figure 1.2). I went in and found out from my boss and one of our designers that someone broke in around 2 this morning, and the inside alarm (the part that makes the noise) had been ripped off the wall and was also lying in two pieces on the floor inside. Man, I don't blame them for that. I set the alarm off once............okay twice, and I wanted to claw my ears off it was so ridiculously loud! It doesn't help that the floors are cement and the sound bounces around, creating an effect liken to the apocalypse.

After looking around, we figured out that all they got was this 13" tv and a VCR to go along, neither of which we have used since I've worked here. They tried to take a computer monitor and a stereo, but were unsuccessful. We (and the crime scene investigator that came and dusted for prints - sounds official doesn't it?) think it was probably a homeless person because of how they got in through the basement outside, and we're right on the outskirts of Dallas and there are a few shelters within walking distance, but who knows.

Anyway, at least the mood here is light. I mean, nothing huge was taken, and after all, it is MLK's birthday. *nodding*

Okay, well......I'm off to write a press release! Huzzah!


JULIE said...

You have to work today too? Doesn't seem right...I had to cancel the MLK Day Parade I was going to lead.

Daniel said...

Write a press rlease? What?

becki said...

oh Julie, you slay me! did the parade consist of two turtles who, as yet, shall remain unnamed?

and as for you "Tate Face:"

press release, n.:
An announcement of an event, performance, or other newsworthy item that is issued to the press.

Daniel said...

What I meant was: You have to write a press release? I know what a press release is. I just didn't know if you were kidding or not.