Friday, January 13, 2006

heart likes

These are some things I love:

1. fruit roll-ups (red is the best)
2. lunch breaks at the All Good Cafe w/friends and grilled cheese/avocado sandwiches. (so far this consists of liz, sara, stephanie & elissa, and winston - you, blog readers, control the lengthening or staying the same size-ness of said list)
3. finding out that the aforementioned "All Good Cafe" serves breakfast ALL (good) DAY!! I'm ordering pancakes next time I go there, that's a fact!
4. Bill Withers
5. memoirs - good ones
6. Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising contracts........wait a minute.....
7. Good emails :)
8. basset hounds
9. chocolate covered frozen bananas (though I haven't had one since 5th grade)
10. musicals
11. back massages
12. more back massages
13. Amelie
14. Yann Tierzen
15. The Girls
16. finding out just now that "phare" in french means "headlight"
17. making a sandwich at home in the middle of the day with sunlight coming through the windows
18. natural lighting
19. my friends
20. learning

Okay, that's all I got for now.

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