Friday, January 06, 2006

media intelligence...

Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? Official, even? Well kids, I'm learning how to do it. That's right. Your very own Rebecca P. Phares (P always sounds right to me as a middle initial, no matter the name.....try it. CHALLAAUUUNGE!) is learning how to media intelligence. er......

I didn't really want to write a post about media intelligence, I just wanted to TITLE my post media intelligence. Let's move on to the good stuff. Actually, I don't really have good stuff planned either. Well, maybe I do.... Now I've got you RIGHT where I want you....sitting at a computer reading my blog! Muahahahaha! All two of you!


Oh, I know what I can write about. Let me explain a little something about myself to preface. I'm one of those people, who upon the advent of "the caller ID," soiled myself with glee! Okay, maybe it didn't go quite that far, but I was elated nevertheless. Talk about Intelligent Media! *hopes they don't realize that telecommunications is not technically a "medium"* I like to know with whom I'm about to be speaking. That's one of those surprises I'm not a big fan of. Not knowing who the heck I'll find when I answer the phone has a 50/50 chance of turning out positive, and another thing I'm not a big fan of are those odds.

Anybuns, this number (which I will refrain from posting on here - but believe you me I thought about it!) called my cell phone yesterday FIVE times, and has called TWICE today thus far, and there is nary a phone message to be left. If it's important enough that you call me FIVE TIMES IN ONE DAY, wouldn't it be important enough to LEAVE A FREAKING MESSAGE? -surely this person reads my blog, and will be happy to answer these questions in the form of a message on my voicemail. Thank you in advance for this, anonymo.-

At first I was just letting it peacefully go to voicemail because the calls began while I was at work, and I don't like to answer my phone at work so much anyway, but after call number seven, I've moved on to a blatant punching of the ignore button, sending them straight to voicemail and quickening their pre-destined message leaving fate. Deny this fate if you will, number of mystery! I'll not heed the (your) call!

Anyway, I hope they leave a message so I know who the heck it is. Sheesh.

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jro said...

google the phone number - sometimes that will help if it is a buisness