Tuesday, January 03, 2006

my iron cactus (lung)

Last wednesday, as I mentioned approximately negative 2 posts ago, we had our "5 year reunion" for my beloved class of 2000. It was kind of thrown together at the last minute, so there were probably 30-40 people that showed up. It was really nice though, because most all of the people that showed up were people I was actually looking forward to seeing and catching up with, and most of the smiles were real!

Here are a few necessary "time capsulations" to document this glorious eve:

-the girls-minus the essential J-Ro, so I guess I won't call it "the girls" per se:

-my favorite recent development:

-poteet high school alumni....wait a second....:

-re-creation of a photo (and then later, drawing) of same four peeps (clockwise from top, Jeremy Arianpour, Steven Horne, Jessica Williams, and myself) except previously, we used the antiquated "student" "ID." (I did a little "editing" so as not to reveal the locations of those participating):

-a little K Karvas action:

-Anthony "camel" Rudine, Jessawill, and Dwayne (sp?) Benoit, a friend of Josh and Anthony's from Tech:

-some more girls o' 2000 (from left: Fatima Robinson, Kamesha's friend, Kamesha, Andi Sloan, Kathleen McManus, Brittany Crow, and Jessawill):

-tish and I shrouded in red:

I forgot to bring my own camera, so there are some people missing from the proverbial "mix" (like the mix in the proverb), but these people not shown in the pictures were also in attendance, and if I forget anyone, God help me:

Erik Davila
Clint Fortenberry
Justin Balthrop
Jenni Balthrop (formerly of the Sage persuasion)
Amanda Gerlach
Enrico DeLeon
Barbara Kratus (organizer)
Ron Romero (organizer)
Lawrence Williams
Ryan Yarborough (sp?)
Ashley Dimsdle
Lindsey Pullen
Fred Parker

Here's to not seeing one another for another five years! SALUD! *clink!*

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Anonymous said...

always a hoot. incidentally, i've made a resolution of my own . . .


Kris K