Monday, January 30, 2006

a softer world

Ha ha! I stole this from dooce's website. She linked to it today. These are so cool!

So cool, in fact that I created a link to it in the "In My Browser" section of this site. DO IT!


Daniel said...

Those are awsome. I love the duck one. By the way, have you ever listened to Panic! At The Disco or are your music tastes to exquisite?

becki said...

ha ha! I guess since I've never heard of Panic! At The Disco, it also means I've never listened to them. What kind of music are they? Sounds intriguing.

Oh, and music taste will always be too exquisite. :)

Daniel said...

Panic! At The Disco is an Alternative Rock band. They sound kind of like Fall Out Boy. They are doing well in iTunes and are really popular. You can check them out HERE.
You do need iTunes though for that link.