Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Okay, so tomorrow we're having an art show after work (see: large image below) and Dan Fine, the artist, hasn't named any of his paintings. He's a pretty funny guy, and he wants us to name the paintings for him. I, of course, was charged with coming up with the names.....

There are 10 paintings total, and here's what I have so far:

-Alabaster Morning
-The Fury of A Thousand Sons
-Chinese Diplomacy

Any suggestions? :)


becki said...

Okay, I have some more:

The Unfolding
The Coanda Effect
Aleutian Desert
Aleutian Dessert

So what if I used a science terms website for two of them? So what?

Daniel said...

Those look good to me. I can’t name paintings. If they let me name paintings the names would be something like:
“Person’s Face”
“Blotches of Paint”
“Rainbow of Colors”
“Some Dude”
“A Building”
- or my personal favorite -
“A Painting”

See you at youth tonight.