Wednesday, February 22, 2006

it's NY Time.........s!

My dear friend Amber bought me a NY Times crossword puzzle calendar for the anniversary of my birth this year, and when things slow down at work, I like to exercise my "werd skills" if you know what I'm typin'. Right.

Anyway, I've yet to complete one of them entirely YET, but as soon as I do, I'm going to take a digital picture of it and post it on this glorious website o' mine for the whole world (all three of my blog readers) to see! Woop woop!

Now don't get me wrong, I've completed them (usually a Monday or a Tuesday) in the paper before after warming up on the Daily Commuter *shout out to the Dallas Morning N-iz-ews!*, but I've completed nary a one in this calendar. I'm currently running a little behind and am doing Tuesday, Jan. 10 as I type.

Hopefully it will look a little something like this when I'm finished:

Thank you also to Will Shortz, of NY Times crossword puzzle editing fame:

What a kind and gentle man of knowledge he must be. I bet his friends really like him.


Daniel said...

I never really liked crossword puzzles very much. I guess I’m just not cool like that.

becki said...

You're cool in other monitoring Bill Gates' every move during every waking moment of the day. ;)

Daniel said...

Yes. I also just wiretapped his phone... oh wait... that was Bush.