Thursday, February 09, 2006

jazzy five!!

My friend Michael and I just made up a new game at work. It's called "Jazzy Five!" Think jazz hands except two people participate whilst slapping each other five. Golly, it makes the day go by so much faster! (See: below)

High Jazzy:

Low Jazzy:
Working really hard all the time really pays off.


Daniel said...

Nice new game you got there. It's worth going to work just for that :D.

Castles In The Sand said...

Okay, Rooster... Listen here. I'm having all kinds of difficulties... i.e. - how to post pictures... and also sad that Becki has chosen the coolest layout. ACK!

Oh, and nice hands. Teach me!

atrain said...

I guess anyone can get in Kahoots when they're this loose. I got a new hand gesture for you.

becki said...

whoa whoa whoa! You're still the only Kahoots I wanna be loose with, okay?

*runs away*