Thursday, March 16, 2006

a collective

Okay, so I've been thinking a lot today about "collectives." Actually, I've only been thinking about them for the past 7 minutes - ever since my friend/former co-worker at the Inwood Theater in Dallas, Lonnie (better known as Lonaldo), mentioned the idea. He's an artist, and he and his friends (also artists) want to start a collective. I suggested that he and his alleged "friends" should have photos taken as if they were in a band. They would pose in a "band" formation with their "instruments" - easels, clay, laptops, keytars, etc. He's on board, and they're going to publicize themselves. But before we get ahead of ourselves here, let's take a stab at defining the term "collective."

If "I," Rebecca Phares, were to "think up" a definition on "my own," it would look a little something like this:

collective (adj.)

1: done by or characteristic of individuals acting together; "a joint identity"; "the collective mind"; "the corporate good" [syn: corporate]

2: forming a whole or aggregate [ant: distributive]

3: set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government; "collective farms" n : members of a cooperative enterprise

Copyright ©2005 by

But "I" could be wrong.

I'm currently part of a little collective, myself. It has recently been named "The Latchkey Kids," and it is composed of Jessica Roberts (J-Ro/Jaronius Brown), Adam Buck (Hall & Oates connoisseur) and me. Together, or rather...collectively, we will be auditioning for and subsequently competing in the World Series of Pop Culture that is being hosted by VH1. We will win. (We must think positively so we don't crumble under the ceaseless pressure of mainstream society)

Here is a picture of a collective I found:

The Finn. Collective.


Daniel said...

What is this Pop Culture thing hosted by VH1?

becki said...


Daniel said...

Cool. What are you going to do with your share of the 100,000 bucks?

becki said...

The question is......what am I NOT going to do with my share....MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Daniel said...

Finally gonna get that iBook you've been wanting. You could buy like 30 of them. Muhahahahahahah.