Tuesday, March 07, 2006

stirrup some trouble

I've made an official decision to bring back....."the stirrup pant." I'm kind of not kidding. I don't know what inspired me to do so, but I was looking up stirrup pants on Google Images the other day, and here are some pictures that I found, some inspirational, some....not:

the satin stirrup:

NOT to be confused with "Lina Lee's Purple Satin Stirrup Pants":

add to the mix if you will a "Disco Chic" stirrup/blouse combo!:

how could we EVER resist something folded so attractively and with so many color options?! a stirrup for every day of the week!:

and this one I can actually kind of get into....with the right accesories, who knows?:

Come on. Who wouldn't like to go one day........just ONE day without having to worry about your pant legs rising up? Hmm? ......Precisely as I imagined. Not a one of you. Not. A. One.


r_is_moody said...

Oh I remember the fond days of stirrup pants. Do you remember when we it was cool to do really big sweaters and stirrup pants? Come on, don't hide it you remember it like it was yesterday. So I had this big sweater that was kinda southwest pattern but the colors were bright pink and turqoise. So I would wear a pink tutrle neck under it and turqoise stirrup pants. Man I was so in style, I'm gonna have to see if I have a pic with me wearing that outfit, then i can prove how cool I was.

Daniel said...

I have never seen anything like those in my life. Weird, people will definitely look back at my generations fashion and laugh. They will say stuff like “You thought it was cool to wear pants cinched down at your knees with your boxers showing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! How stupid!!” I think that that's stupid right now.

becki said...

Ha ha ha ha!! I DO remember wearing big sweater - not with a southwest pattern on it though, I would NEVER do that! ;) - and I think i even wore turtlenecks under them.....ESPECIALLY pink ones!!

Jenni said...

I think sixth grade was the climax of the big sweater... sold at Limited Too. Oh Limited Too and your sizes 10-16. Remember when we were that small???? Oh wait Becki, you still are. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Actually, I'm kind of jealous now that I think about it...

becki said...

Ha ha ha! I am definitely NOT still that size. TRUST ME!!! :)