Monday, April 17, 2006

little mary le

My friend Sara sent me an email with 3 links the week before last: 1, 2, and 3, informing me that a college friend of mine (and long time friend of hers), Mary Le, had died on April 5th when a pick up truck carrying a livestock trailer hit her motorcycle while she was stopped waiting to make a turn.

I hadn't talked to her since I left UNT in 2003, but this was crazy news. Sara sent me this picture today in my email. Mary is the cute little Asian girl in the middle:

From left: Sara, Geoff, Mary, Paul, Matt, and me across the bottom.

This had to have been our sophomore year (2001), because Geoff and Paul were out of the dorms and in their house, Geoff had huge hair, Matt worked at Target (see: red shirt) and I still wore Old Navy flip flops.

I haven't seen Mary in a few years, like I said, so this whole thing still seems extremely surreal. I found out from these articles that she had graduated from UT Austin last year, worked as a pharmacy tech, was going to go to grad school in the fall and was engaged to be married. I wish I'd kept in touch with her better.

It's times like this that I realize how much I really take for granted that people will just be there. I feel like I don't really need to call people and catch up because I can always call them next month or next year when I'm not so busy.

I really need to call people more.


Daniel said...

Wow. I'm sorry to hear that.

Jenni said...

I saw the coverage on this in Austin; her family is definitely in my prayers. What a sad story.

victory said...

Wow. You don't really think that your friend is ever going to die-you just kinda take them for granted.