Monday, May 01, 2006

decade 3

Josh Briscoe had his 30th birthday party last weekend (thanks to the amazing organizational and planning skills of one Marian Briscoe, his wife) and I've got some pictures. Glorious pictures.

We two (always keep 'em at arm's length, ladies.....arm's length) *WINK*:

We three (where's Dragan?):

Steph and Justin (the most fashionable couple I know - thank you French Connection, Puma, estate sales, et al):

Group pic, and with one look at Marian you can tell that trouble's a-brewin:

Levi & Candiss, my housemates and so much more:

And this one I'm just including because I had forgotten about it, and Elissa included it in the pictures she emailed me this morning. She called it "Becki's Tragedy 3" and it commemorates the day we were on our way to a wedding, I fell down her apartment stairs in my dress, she and Charlie (see: dog in picture) nursed me back to health w/minimal scar tissue:

Good times, good friends.


Daniel said...

Ouch. Looks like that hurt. Until you said it was you, I couldn't tell. I guess it's because you were in great pain. Just glancing at the picture you would think that the dog had just scratched up your legs.

Kevin said...

I don't look very straight in those pics there Becki.

Daniel said...

In that first one you look normal. But in this one you look a little non-straight/weird.