Monday, June 05, 2006

at a loss

I don't really know what to post, but I feel like I should since I haven't for a while, and I've got a few minutes to do it.

Let's see. This past weekend was Pentecost, so that's cool. (seriously, despite how that sounded)

I finished writing my article for the new mag last night. I hope Jerome doesn't hate it. *eyes.......that's right.......darting nervously around the box o' posting*

I can't wait until I only have to write, and I can have free time to do various things, id est, play music, hang out with friends, hang out with family, etc. It will be nice. It WILL be nice. (I'm trying to be bold)

I wonder if there are any pictures I could show you...hmm.......Kevin has some on his camera, but I don't know if he's in a position to send them to me or not. Let's check...... *sending text message* ......... *waiting for reply* ............

He didn't have them yesterday, so I saved this post "as draft" and I'm going to update you on our adventures with Jack. I don't know where he came from or how he got there, but I like him just the same:

Jack shooting mind bullets at all of us or lifting weights. You choose.

Kevin and Jack face off.

This face off quickly turns into a fist clenching, nose crinkling competition.

Jack won. Sadly, we got to see what happens when Jack wins. He eats his enemies.

He eats cake, too.

Oh! Kevin's most recent blog is HILARIOUS! Check it out.


Adam said...
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Kevin said...

That was hilarious. If there was a caption contest, you would probably get at least second place. Okay, you would definitely get first. That's awesome.

Daniel said...

Yup. You should definitely win a caption contest.

Adam - Wha?

Adam said...

I mean, where were the pictures taken? Sorry, don't know what happened there (My weird comment).

becki said...

The pictures were taken at a place where there was barbecue. Or barbeque. Or BBQ.

Adam said...

Oh, then who's Jack?

becki said...

He's a blonde kid.

victory said...

You know what's just as funny as reading your and Keyvon's post's? Reading the comments. Haha hilarious! *is trying to laugh silently b/c mom is sleeping*