Monday, June 19, 2006

the revolution

So on my quick little trip to the Metropolitan Cafe for lunch today, I had an interesting little encounter with a fellow I'll henceforth call "Kurt," as his long hair parted down the middle, age of not yet 20, unkempt demeanor and skater shoes reminded me of all the guys I went to middle/high school with while Nirvana was at it's peak.

I first noticed Kurt when I was outside talking to Special K on the phone before I went in to get lunch. He was talking to an older woman who he may or may not have actually known prior to walking up to her. I didn't think much of it, and went in to order. After I made my order, I was standing back from the counter about 4 feet next to the drink refrigerator, quietly waiting for my sandwich to be sanded. Kurt was standing to the left of me about 3 feet, hovering around looking at the menu, and then he went up to order and after he finished ordering, he spun around and leaned with his back up against the counter and said,


"Hi," I reply, surprised.

"Has your day been good?" he continued.

"Umm, yeah, it has," I respond.

He looks at me for a second and then asked, "Really?"

Before I could answer, the owner gave him his change back and he had to turn back around.

Now normally, I really don't mind friendly greetings from strangers, but this guy seemed a little off. Or maybe a little off +. I don't know, call it a "person of logical thought processes" feeling.

So before he had a chance to turn back around, I quickly position myself up at the front of the other side of the counter, to get myself as close to any other life forms as possible. He moves back to where I had originally been standing, so we essentially switched places. After a few glorious moments of alone time waiting for my food, he - almost seemingly in one motion - slid up next to me at the counter with about one foot of breathable air betwixt us and said,

"So, uh, you're not from around here are you? I mean, not right around here are you? I mean, you're from Dallas though."

"Umm, no, I'm not from Dallas," I said, destroying all the hopes and pipe dreams in his past, present and future.

"You're not? Dang!" he said, with a look that was MUCH more confused than it should have been, given that he didn't know I existed five minutes ago, let alone my place of origin.

Then he said, "Okay, think of a name and concentrate on it really really hard."

*I think "Kevin" really really hard*

"CHERYL!" he asserts.

"No, it wasn't Cheryl," I said.

He let loose another "Dang!"

THEN he turns to me and asks, "If I start a revolution - which I will - would you be part of it with me?"

At this point, the girl behind the counter asked me if I want mustard on my turkey sandwich, which, of course, I do, and I told her so. When I turn back to Kurt, he went on,

"And yes, I'm serious."

I asked him what he would be revolutionizing, and he went on to tell me that he wanted to promote anarchy and unite the world and destroy all other forms of government. Oh, that and rap music.

"Oh, well, I really like rap music, so I guess I can't really be a part of that," I say.

He seemed a little discouraged, but not for long. He went on to tell me HOW he plans on eliminating rap from the world (but did NOT, surprisingly, share the details of his plan to unite the world via anarchy). See, he's going to become a rapper - a really famous one that everyone likes - and since people will love him, he'll start dissing (that's right) rap, and then rap will undoubtedly be destroyed.

He shared that rap music just makes girls feel like they need to be demeaned and be.....let's just say for the sake of editing.....unsavory in all manner of prudence. I reply by saying that no, rap music doesn't cause girls to want to be "unsavory in all manner of prudence" but that the family institutions of these girls he's so worried about don't provide enough of a foundation of self-respect and a positive self image if the girls are modeling themselves after the dancers in rap videos. He came back with an authoritative,

"Yeah, I guess so."

It was about this time that my sandwich was coming out of the kitchen, and as I was taking my to go bag, Kurt told me that it was nice to talk to me.

"Good luck with your revolution," I say and smile as I walk out of Metro wondering if I really just had that conversation.


Jenni said...

Anarchy? That conversation is like, Austin bizarre.

You said Kurt, and before I got too far into reading the full blog, I was like, OOH! You ran into Orchestra Kurt.

After that conversation, I bet you are wishing you did ;)

Daniel said...

Wow. That was weird. I also had a weird "conversation" with an elderly man while I was in the waiting room when me and my mom took my Grandma to the doctor. He asked if I like crossword puzzles and I said no. He then asked if I like crypto-something, and again I replied “No”. He then proceeded to ask me if I like Chess and I replied that I like Chess, but I haven’t played for a while and that I used to be in a chess class. He then started talking to me about calculus and other forms of math/science. It was very weird. A little while later he walked around for a bit and sat down by another elderly woman and proceeded to have the (almost) exact same conversation. I don’t know which one of our convos was more strange. Anywho, are you coming to the youth lake thing on Saturday?

Castles In The Sand said...

That's hilarious. I especially enjoyed your reply about girls being natural hoes and rap not being the cause! I ate at the Metro Cafe for the first time last week and it was awesome. The pink cake is OFF THE HEEZEE. I had a weird situation with a guy when I left the cafe. He looked homeless, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, he had no problem taking half of my leftover sandwich. And, I think it would be a great place for future lunch rendexvous.

Adam said...

O-kay... Hmmm

r_is_moody said...

Becki, it is so not fair that you get to meet all the really "cool" people. Arlington is so boring compared to your "hip" dallas. Like how I'm using " like I actually know "HOW". :P

victory said...

Frreeeaaakyyyy.... I'm glad it was you and not me> (No offense.) And Daniel, a lot of old ppl are weird, esp. if their mind is going. I think a lot of the time they just want some one to talk to. And if I'm correct, Becki IS going to the lake thing. ( Look at her comments on Rian's blog.) I probably won't be going as I will be at my Grandparent's house. (And they're not crazy, they're cool.) Anywho, that was WEIRD Becki. See y'all later. (i.e. on Sunday.)

Sara said...

That is amazing.

Annie said...

Becki, you're a master story writer. Very your expense, I suppose.

Love you!!

Adam said...

Could you change the link to my site to being my xanga instead?

victory said...

Becki, post. Now. Also, call me. We haven't talked in forever. I'm serious about this. I'm giving you two things to do- call me and post on your blog. Do them. Or else I'll... call you. Or something. I don't know. Buh-bye now.

victory said...

Also- tell your sister to post. I'm tired of clicking on the link to her blog and seeing that manatee. Tell her that I've added her to my favorites and I want her to update. I also want you to update, ASAP. Do it.

Daniel said...

I agree with Victoria!!! Post post post!!! I'm tired of coming here and seeing "The Revolution". It is getting old. I hope we aren't sounding rude... lol.

victory said...

I don't care if I sound rude. Or at least, I don't care on the computer. If you ever delay a post again, Becki, I am going to bug you until you post. You have my word.

Daniel said...

I won't bug you, but I will BEG you.

P.S. That was a stupid and pointless joke and comment. Sorry that you had to waste your time reading it.