Sunday, July 30, 2006


I think I figured it out. But first, let me say that I'll admit it. I like some pop music. I listen to radio music and I even like some of it. Probably more than I might desire to admit it. For example, I'm an admirer of Kelly Clarkson. I think she's got some incredible pipes, and I think it's awesome that she survived the cookie cutter American Idol™ contract that she won and has since gone on to develop her own (I use the term "own" loosely) little pop identity that makes road trips to Austin quite entertaining... every 13 songs or so.

I am actually in the middle of a road trip to Austin for one of my best peeps, J-Will's bachelorette party. We made an abundance of mix cds for the trips down and back, and we came upon a K.C. song and it got me thinking. This girl's got an awesome voice, and she's had sooo many hits on el radio......but her songs don't stir me emotionally. Like...even the sad ones.

I have countless cds that I can pop in my cd player and almost immediately I'm back in high school or I'm on our road trip to Austin in 2002, get the idea. And I'm sure Kelly Clarkson might one day remind me of the early Otts, but there's no real emotional association.

Tonight, driving in the car on the way back to the hotel after some toobing and some deliciously unhealthy food, amid the strains of K.C.'s soaring vocals and surrounded by my wonderful friends, I think I finally figured it out.


Writing credits, perhaps, but I think we all know what that means. Her songs are written as love songs, not as a product of being in love.

Now, do I know beyond the proverbial "shadow of a doubt" (like the doubt in the proverb!) that all the songs that I think are written out of true life experience are actually true? No.*


*Let it be known that I don't judge people who are used as a vessel for another person's talents. Love you.


Daniel said...

Yup. It's mainly one guy that writes her songs. You aren't supposed to be emotionally stirred by her songs. The only people they stir are 12 year old girls that think they are going through what Kelly is talking about.

P.S. If you are over the age of 12 and are emotionally stirred by any of her songs, I apologize.

victory said...

That's ok Daniel. I barely know who Kelly Clarkson is, other than 'she's a famous singer'. (That's how out of the loop I am.)

That's a good point Becki. I never would have thought of it like that. Of course, that's part of the reason we have friends, right? *winkwink*

Daniel said...

Victoria - Read this and you will know everything you need to know about Kelly Clarkson. It might be worth knowing in case someone ever brings it up in conversation. Whenever I don't know something I head strait to Wikipedia :).

Annie said...

Yeah, I agree. I came to that conclusion, too, a few years ago after realizing that all my favorite artists (the ones that never get old for me) are the ones that write their own songs. It's amazing what a difference you can sense.

r_is_moody said...

I too am a fan of KC. I think she has an awesome voice and I like her songs, but they don't do anything for me too.

I knew she didn't write her own songs when I heard the one where she says she lived in a small town. Whatever, Burleson may be small but it is surrounded by 8 million people so it can't really feel small!!

jerome said...

i do agree with you, but i also think that sometimes "performers" are able to tap into something that the writer of a certain song didn't think to, or couldn't, or didn't want to and it becomes an emotionally stirring event to hear, as most good songs will do. i.e. sinead o'connor -> prince's "nothing compares 2 u" or j.buckley's ->l. cohen's "hallelujah" or me -> chumbawumba's "tubthumping"

something deep down shakes my soul when i bellow to the universe "I GET KNOCKED DOWN, AND I GET UP AGAIN!"

victory said...

No thanks, Daniel. I'm sticking with "Who's Kelly Clarkson again?" :D Just call me clueless! *winkwink*

victory said...

I was thinking more about this earlier today, and I decided that when you make or write or create something, you put a little (sometimes a lot) of yourself into that... thing. From what you say, there is no Kelly Clarkson in Kelly Clarkson's songs.

Adam said...

I write my own songs. At least, if I had any songs they would be mine.

Jenni said...

Wait -- you were in Austin and didn't tell me??

Horrible. ;)

victory said...

Adam: Wha? *gives you funny look*