Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the way you say the things you say...

My dear friend Liz and I were chatting via IM this morning, as we usually do when work isn't devouring us alive, and this morning's topic of conversation led from teeth grinding to talking about whether or not we were light or heavy sleepers. I was relaying that my beloved roommates, Candiss and Levi, are both quite heavy sleepers. We have a giant movie projector screen in our living room, and sometimes Levi will watch movies pretty loud in there and Candiss is able to just sleep right through it.

Now I'm not an extremely light sleeper, but I've never been one who can fall asleep watching tv or listening to the radio. So sometimes, I have to put a little pillow over my head when there's a loud movie playing, but it's never been to the point where I can't fall asleep at all.

Liz responded by saying the following, and I quote:

"Yeah, I know...Zach (her husband) plays playstation late into the night and I have to put earplugs in. Not that he even has it loud, but it's just one thin little wall between me and the nation of Chinese rebels."

Oh, Liz. You slay me.

Liz & Zach:


victoria said...

Yayness! A post! Becki, I'm kinda impressed that you sleep through the TV at all. When I get to sleep, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, but I have a hard time getting there. Gaba and calcium don't seem to help that much, and I refuse to take sleeping pills. (For all who don't know, my parents are kinda health nuts.) Anywho... Yayness! A post! Becki, I'm impressed that... everyone: *glares* me: Shutting up now.
P.S. Daniel's crazy.

Daniel said...

I sleep through the TV on in the living room and in the kitchen. I can fall asleep watching TV and listening to music. Your friend Liz is very funny. Your are very funny yourself, Victoria. Thanks for the compliment.
Well, I have to go to home group for a potluck and Logan will be there. Be praying for me, lol.

Adam said...

Well I think it all has to do with...... Wait, I lost my train of thought..... Darn

victory said...

Thank you. *bows japanese style*
P.S. I'm so crazy, I get the 'you're crazy' look from my dog.
P.P.S. Adam and Kevin are crazy.