Tuesday, September 26, 2006

blockbuster video - WOW!

What a difference.

During my senior year of high school, I got my first "real" job (meaning that I wasn't paid under the table and actually had taxes deducted) working weekends at Blockbuster Video. Lots of memories in that place - like calling the check out desk from the check in desk at least 7 times and asking the same guy in different voices if "10 Things I Hate About You" was in stock. My favorite version was, "Umm, hi, I was wondering if you have that movie, something about, 'I hate you ten times...' Is that in?" Although my FAVORITE part of working there was the never smaller than a Large t-shirts and "khaki" pants I "got" to wear!! (see: below)

Since I've graduated high school and moved out of Mesquite, and I now have no family that actually lives there any more, I don't go back very often. On my last few visits, I'd noticed that the Blockbuster was gone!!!! Out of business? Really? I guess I hadn't realized the grave impact on the hard working, yellow and navy blue wearing employees as a result of the advent of Netflix and its contemporaries.

Well, today, my good friend Stephanie asked me to come eat lunch with her at work in my old stomping grounds in Mesquite. When she was telling me where to meet her and I was googling it, I realized that her company was EXACTLY where my old B-Buster had been!! CRAZY!!!

When I was talking to J-Ro about all this "out of business" nonsense going on with the video rental industry (which further proves that people are moving more and more towards not actually having to move their bodies in any significant manner), she said the following:

"Alex and I have a movie we still need to return to a Blockbuster that is now a Chipotle. We dont know what to do with it."

Love it!


Anonymous said...

So, a year or two ago, Blockbuster was going through uber hard times -- talk of bankruptcy, etc. Apparently, the company's only saving grace was selling off several of its hottest locations. Granted, I'm basing this information off of a random conversation with Justin a year ago, but I stand by this comment with 90.1 percent accuracy.

seabull said...

every friday night i used to rent "3 Ninjas". it was and is my favorite rental.

Anonymous said...

Haha! this was fantastic!
By the way, I gave in and got on of these silly blogs for myself :)

becki said...

love it!!! now how can I read it? have you set it up yet? I couldn't see a blog name when I went to your profile. Holler!

Castles In The Sand said...

Something weird happened to me this weekend. I was leaving good ol' Balch Springs Kroger, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a DVD machine! I immediately stuck my credit card in and rented two movies for one dollar per day. New releases! And when I'm finished... I take them back to the "machine" and swipe my card. Pretty soon all Blockbuster employees of the world will be jobless.