Wednesday, October 18, 2006

microbial genetics

I'm sitting at Café Studio right now with Kevin, and he's studying for his chemistry test that he's taking tomorrow morning and I'm sitting next to him surfing around on the proverbial "net." You know, like the net in the proverb.

It's pretty neat for a couple of reasons. One, I like to read this blog called "," where the blogger, Heather Armstrong's website became famous because she blogged about her job and it got her fired. Her website became so popular that it enabled her husband to stop working because the ads on the site pay for.....well, they pay for everything in their lives and their daughter's, essentially. Pretty neat.

So anyway, sometimes when I read her blog, I kind of imagine little clips of her life where it's afternoon, and there's a lot of natural light in the house, and she's drinking something out of a mug (probably coffee, but I don't like coffee, so I always hope it's something else) and she's sitting indian style on her couch, and her husband is sitting next to her, either playing with their daughter or eating or working on his blog, or any number of things, and it just seems so warm and peaceful.

I know it's not always like that, and life isn't always like that and that our days can't all be like that, nor should they, necessarily. But it still feels warm. And I'm not even drinking anything out of a mug. And sitting here next to Kevin while he's manifesting his genius on notecards and college ruled paper and I'm recording my thoughts on this here technology machine just feels nice. And I love him. And God is so good. And life is so nice. And it's these little moments that can make a bad day not seem so bad, and life not seem so exhausting.


kerri said...

sigh. i feel all cozy and peaceful now too after reading that. ya'll are cute. :)

Annie said...

I feel all warm inside now, too. :) Thanks.

Kevin said...

I love you so much!!!...and I'm not a genius at all. Although my middle name was almost Einstein-Fermi. Yep, Kevin Einstein-Fermi Howard.