Friday, October 13, 2006

olympics, chicago 2016

A friend of mine who was a designer at my work and moved to Chicago early this year to work for another design agency just showed me his newest design, the freaking Olympics 2016 logo for Chicago!!

I'm so proud of him, isn't this great!!?!?!

Come back to Dallas, Kyle!!

The Olympics are always fun for me! My most favorite Olympic events are as follows:

gymnastics (women mostly, what with their grace and all)
pole vault

ski jump
snow boarding
ice skating

I love the Olympics!!! I love the opening ceremonies, and it reminds me of sitting at home with the family and watching them and feeling an overwhelming sense of pride for our country as well as a feeling of global unity. Yes, it is a competition, but almost the whole world is gathered together! It's a really warm, fire in the fireplace, afgan, hot cocoa (assuming we're talking about the winter olympics, mind yous), glad to be a part of this big world kind of feeling.

And then after all the gymnastics/ice skating competitions are over and I inevitably (and horribly detatched from reality) start trying to replicate their moves in my living room and find myself quickly out of breath, I sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen volleyball over the honors math class it conflicted with.

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