Tuesday, October 17, 2006

phare's fair!

Here's a photographic depiction of......

"The Day our Boss Let 2/3 of our Employees go to the Fair!"

Jeffrey of Mustardbrook Farm (he seems competent to run our creative department, doesn't he?):

Crazy Mouse 1 - Clint & Julie:

1. My favorite thing about this picture is how Clint appears to have retreated into a child-like state of uncontrollable glee. Can anyone say Christmas morning?

Crazy Mouse 2 - Jeff, me & Craig:

1. I like how Jeff appears to be some sort of evil Crazy Mouse Grand Master, finding the plight of all who ride this ride to be most amusing!
2. I didn't know I could open my mouth this wide, nor did it FEEL like I was opening my mouth this wide at any point during the ride.
3. Craig screamed really loudly a number of times, "THIS IS NOT A RIDE FOR CHILDREEEEEEEN!"

Oh, good times at the fair. Seriously, though. We all wanted to ride The Crazy Mouse because we thought it would be funny to ride a cute little kid ride, but it was NOT the sweet, innocent time we thought it would be. We were all screaming and laughing ceaselessly throughout the ride - mostly screaming. IT WAS CRAZY! IT WAS A CRAZY MOUSE RIDE!!!

The only things I regret about the fair were not getting that delicious corn on the cob I wanted to get, and not getting our boss a t-shirt with our pictures on it saying "We Love Grandpa!"

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Adam said...

Thats funny.