Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A story for the glory of your morning.......

Today at work:

Jeff IMs Becki and asks what she's doing for lunch.

Jeff doesn't know that Craig has already come over and asked Becki if she'd like to accompany the art peeps to lunch.

Becki replies, "Oh, sorry, Taylor, Craig, Clint and Julie (fellow co-workers) and I already have lunch plans. Maybe another day."

Jeff says, "Fine. Have a nice lunch. IN HADES!!!!!!!!"

Becki says, "The hug monster is coming over to see you."

Becki starts loping stupidly over to Jeff's desk to employ "the hug monster." On the way, she realizes in mid lope that she is losing her balance and her shoes, which have been worn down from walking on concrete a lot with them, probably aren't the best for loping across the office.

The truth of this realization hits her while her knees and palms are simultaneously hitting the cement floor in front of Jeff's desk.

Moral of the story: Never employ the "hug monster" via loping whilst wearing patent leather shoes with absolutely no grip on an industrial concrete floor.


monica said...

i laughed completely out loud while reading this. i wish you could see the visual i have in my mind. its hilarious.

Annie said...

I was feeding Samuel while reading this, and my laughing scared him. :)