Friday, November 03, 2006


I was talking on IM to Jerome today (and I intermittently still am), and we were talking about the Ted Haggard scandal of late, and I got a few comic gems out of the conversation.

But first, before the hilarity - now I've built it up too much haven't I? - I don't know how much of the allegations against Ted Haggard are true, as I honestly don't know much about him other than that he's from Colorado and a major Republican & Evangelical figurehead who definitely supports that marriage between two people is defined as a male/female union.

If they are true, that's definitely a shame. With someone so prominent in such a field and who supports the things he supports, it would be easy for anyone who didn't want him reelected, and who is negatively affected by those very ideals to come out of the woodwork and claim outrageous things. I also know, though, that someone with such a calling for the Lord is going to be subject to fierce attack and temptation, and I don't just mean from humans. I read on the Colorado Springs channel 11 news website that he admitted to some of the allegations but not to others. Who knows.

Man. What a mess. That's why it's so important to have good, wise people around you for counsel. That's why it's good to just be honest, not necessarily with everyone, but with a few people you really trust. People that can keep you in check and know how you want to live your life and to remind you of that when you fall away from the course. Even if honesty is embarassing. Be honest before temptation turns into action. As any Jesus loving person, but especially as a spiritual leader (of many or few) and activist.

Okay, on to the comedy. On one blog website that referenced the Channel 11 report I mentioned earlier, after it cited a couple of paragraphs, the writer wrote this:

"Questions remain. Is this concrete evidence that God has now foresaken the Republicans? And how does this bear on James Wolcott's theory that 'all Republican political figures are gay, especially the men'?"

WHA? Seriously? Who's asking those questions? Who is this James Wolcott? Oh wait, I just looked it up and he's a Vanity Fair et al contributing editor. Hmm. Well assessed, James Wolcott.....Well assessed indeed.*

Jerome and I were talking about this whole ordeal and he was expressing that this confirms his belief in the separation of church and state and how he feels like Jesus would agree. Here's a bit of our conversation (and by our, I mean, here's what he wrote):

"Seriously though, you know that part where some wise acre asks Jesus who gets the $ money first - Caesar or God...and Jesus is just like, man, give Caesar what's his and give God what's his...i don't think that was about money. Taxes were the main beef the people had with the goverment then and I think that was a question regarding goverment as a me, I think Jesus was saying don't mix the two."

And this is my favorite:

"I am an anarchist (see Romans 13:1)."

Ha ha! Then he said just kidding, but it's funnier without it. And to save you the looking up of, here it is:

Rom 13:1 ¶ Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.


*he only feels that way satirically.

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Michael Hedgpeth said...

I think it's kind of strange that being gay means you have to be for gay marriage. Let's say he is a closet homosexual. Why does it have to follow that he would be a hypocrite to oppose gay marriage. If the allegations are true, he wasn't trying to get married to the guy, he was trying to have a one-night-stand. That's hypocritical on a spiritual level, but not on a political one.