Monday, November 13, 2006

keen on the human baby...

I'm not in any hurry to have kids this minute, but boy do I enjoy holding this one 2-3 times a week!!

the hedgy three!

the product of their love, what what!

oh those cheeks!!

Samuel is learning to distinguish foods from non-foods:

Samuel's favorite animal at the moment is the "seal," or as he likes to call it, "blshhhhb."

the family:

sweater hands:

baby ball:

you know, Annie, I think I'm starting to see more and more of you in Samuel:

my favorite:


kerri said...

oh my-- those are great pictures!

almost makes me want one.

i'm lying. but he does seem like an angel and if i were to have one, i hope he's that photogenic. :)

Annie said...

a little free advertising for the photographer...

I think she's really good. And she's "up & coming", so she's not pricey like a lot of other photographers that have her same style.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to have my own six little feets picture one day... maybe eight.