Friday, December 08, 2006

the business of music

Today. Today was the first day in my life that I actually used - HANDS ON - my degree in my work place. Well, I have been in negotiations with a band from the east coast (REPRESENT!) to use their song in a commercial spot for one of our clients, but that's been so slow going that I'm not going to count it until it's done.

This one. This one was hands on application. Another of our clients wants music for their website, so I got to select some options - they chose one - and today, it was my job to cut that piece of music down into about 30 seconds that will loop continuously on their website. Woohoo! My music in media class was HELPFUL and not just cool! I got to use programs on the computer and skills on (read: in) my brain that I learned while attending - as the Europeans call it - university. It was an exciting day indeed!

I got to fade in, fade out, and cut so that it would loop almost indestinguishably. This isn't really a huge deal, but geez!! I'm using my degree applicably in my work place! Word on the street is....that's big news.

Once it's up, I'll put the link on here so you guys can experience my "genius" at work. Physically manifested, my genius looks like this:

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Kevin said...

I always thought genius looked a little like Einsteins moustache. Now I know genius looks hot.