Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've been interested lately in names and their meanings. My mom had always told me that Rebecca meant "peacemaker," which is funny because I see that in myself sometimes, but not always in a positive manifestation. More in a people-pleasing manifestation, woohoo! Anyhoot, later in high school, we had an assignment in word etymology, and we had to do our entire name. I found all sorts of cool other meanings in addition to "peacemaker" such as "faithful wife" and "fair," but then I was looking online and all I could really find that Rebecca meant was "to tie," or "to bind." Hmm......great?

Here are some other ones that I found that I like in some comments on various etymology sites:
faithful wife
enchantingly beautiful (whoa!)

Here are some that I'm not as sure I love so much:
a snare
a heifer (hmm...)
knotted cord

Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.


jb said...

gotta watch out for those noosey knotted heifers...

(fortunately i don't believe that includes you)

Adam said...

Wouldn't want to know what I might mean....

Rachel said...

You used to look like a heifer when you put on that head-mask that Mom had from MDO. 'Member? There were other animals, too.