Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've got ashes on my forehead but don't call me an ash forehead...

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which per my Lutheran upbringing, began the 40 days of sacrifice before Easter, or what is commonly called "Lent." I wrote an entry here, so I'm trying not to repeat myself, but tis the season, right? I'm sure I'll say some of the same things.

I enjoy reading other people's thoughts on Lent. Especially grown up Jesus lovers that don't go to a liturgy abiding church. I always find it interesting I guess because I fall into that category, too, and since Lent isn't a biblical command, I like to hear why different people participate.

My friend Kerri (a.k.a. Beyon-K) wrote an entertaining and insightful blog about it, and here's an excerpt:

Here's an excerpt I used last year, but I still really love it and it's a great reminder, not just for this 40 days, but you get the point:

This is Kerri's husband Luke:

Then I just googled "lent blogs" and found some interesting ones. Here are a couple:

Hopeful Imagination is entirely a Lenten blog I found that will have a different author for every day of Lent:

This year I'm giving up coke (see: last years Lent blog and every year to come) and myspace. Possibly some others, but those are my two as of today. I was going to post this on myspace, but......maybe I will after Easter. Who the heck knows?!

I really do like Lent though. I like the mindset it puts me in, though that mindset shouldn't be reserved for just 40 days a year. So many thing are important and there are so many things I'd like to change about myself, so sometimes Lent can seem overwhelming.

This year it's coke and myspace. I guess sacrificial living and caring for others will have to wait until 2008.

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