Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It's after lunch and I'm sitting at my desk, double checking billing and making sure everything I need to have done is either done or getting there. From where my desk is positioned, I can see the conference room in front of me to the right and the copy/shipping "cave" is off to the right and to the side of me, as seen here:

While I am sitting there doing said work, I see something small and brown moving quickly from the conference room over to the copy/shipping room, behind the copier and disappearing back where all our shipping supplies are, which is hidden by a wall. During the time I've been able to process what's happening, it has also come to my attention that the thing I'm seeing is also fuzzy in addition to being small and brown.

This is a mouse.

I tell everyone quickly and in a volume slightly above normal that there is a mouse in the office, all the while tucking my legs up into indian style position and/or away from the floor. You see, I understand that mice can be cute and cuddly looking, and I would agree.......if their cute cuddliness wasn't accompanied by such sudden darting around. Who knows when he's going to go crazy and dart over to my finger and bite it, or worse yet, scurry up my pant leg. Because he most assuredly will.

Give me a large dog or a horse over a small mouse that might do any of the aforementioned things I just listed. Mice just can't be trusted to move slowly and carefully.

So Jeff, beloved designer and friend, LOVES mice and decides to name it. I suggest Bartholomew and he suggests Ned. We go with Ned. He scurries out of the shipping area and onto the floor behind these planks, and I get a better look at him, and it's true. He's pretty cute. But then he starts darting again. He ends up back in the shipping room, and then he goes over to a shipping tube that you might be able to make out in the picture above. It's on the ground in the bottom left corner of the area near the copier.

Anyway, Jeff goes in again and decides to take a picture of Ned inside the tube, our little TractorBeam TractorPet. Here's Ned:

P.S. I have a much more important post forthcoming. Stay tuned.


r_is_moody said...

I think Ned is adorable and you should let him stay. He could be your office mascot. Every office needs a furry mascot running around!!

kerri said...

i already made eric sign a contract about this, but DON'T SET TRAPS! LET HIM LIIIIIIIVE!