Monday, March 19, 2007

cheep cheep

Turns out, I've been into birds lately. They're really neat and small (usually).

Here are some birds from a website that julesdwit dot com inadvertently directed me to:

When you can't find the words... don't use any.


monica said...

i like the birds too. my favorite is bird picture number three.

love you!

Kristin Greenlee said...

Birds!! wowsers... I've been into birds as of late myself. J thinks its charming. So, what a surprise... something I already knew, but you are indeed charming in more ways than me! We still must get together! Soon. Just through out some dates/times and let's make it work!

btw, the word verification "lkttodzl" looks like a new slang word meaning cool.

Kristin Greenlee said...

Did I really just type through thinking throw... wow.. I'm tired. I think it must be the meds (I'm home sick with zero voice.. think weird viral voice box stuff)