Thursday, March 22, 2007


Monica wrote a great post that is speaking to me real direct-like. She's been reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer and here's an excerpt:

She pretty much says what I feel about myself in the rest of her post, but one thing I can see a lot in myself is that I often want to give advice in lieu of just listening. I want to be able to contribute and help and solve and make right. I imagine that sometimes this is warranted or even requested, but I'm not always so good at making the effort to distinguish. I can also see in my life how not always listening and always talking has become habitual, even in my conversations with God. I want to learn how to listen more. To my friends and to the voice of God.

Friends, help me out. If I'm talking, and you need me to be listening...please tell me.

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monica said...

lookit becki! we're learning together!!