Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I wrote a new really, I did. And it's not this one. I've been reading Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller and in the middle of one of the chapters I was inspired to write about something that was triggered in my mind.

I wrote it in a journal that Kevin got me that looks like this:

It's funny because I don't write in a journal very frequently, but I'd like to, which is why Kevin got it for me. This was my first time to write in my journal as if it were a blog, so that was interesting. Usually my journalling is very stream of consciousness, and I was writing this one as an editorial commentary. Ha! (I don't know if that paragraph waranted a "Ha!" at the end, but I Ha!'d nevertheless.)

Whenever I think of writing in a journal, I automatically skip to the future and think about how one day my grandkids will be sifting through boxes one of my my kid's attic and be just about to go downstairs, having found the contents of their search well below their satisfaction, when they catch a glimpse of one yellow corner of my journal poking out of a box that up until this point remained unopened. Then they will sit and pour over my journal for hours, reading about my ridiculously fascinating life.

Oh, made up happenings that over-glorify me.

All that to say, as soon as I remember, I'll copy the entry into a fancy magic box (read: computer) and you'll be able to read my ponderings at the time.