Monday, August 06, 2007

Carter Booth

So last weekend was Dale & Rhealyn's wedding and they got married at the exact same place Kevin & I are getting married so it was great to see the way they had it all set up so we can steal all their ideas. Woop woop! (I kid, I kid!)

Carter Rose of his personal photography and his business photography was there taking his own snapshots for a feature called "Photo Booth." He and his partner recently added this as an option to their wedding packages and it is SOOOO cool! Here are a few of my favorite shots (I know this might seem like more than "a few," but there were HUNDREDS of pictures, so this is narrowed down, believe the words I say):

Can I just say that I'm SO DANG GLAD that Carter & Co. is shooting our wedding? Can I just say it?!



monica said...

your hair is getting LONG!

jb said...

i like it