Thursday, December 13, 2007

thank you, thank you

So I'm just going to come out and say it. I VACUUM at sending out thank you cards. (the previous sentence was edited for content so as to be approved for all audiences) I sent out my first batch of wedding thank you cards a couple weeks ago. I don't know what Emily Post says, but that's probably way too late to be starting.....although, to be fair, I STARTED much sooner than that, I just wanted to get a big chunk of them done before I started mailing.

Anyboop, today I was talking with Jeff, our art director extraordinaire, about a client and how they might want to take their address off the envelopes we're printing for them because they might be moving and don't want to print the wrong address. Jeff made a comment about not being sure that the post office will mail letters that don't have a return address and that I might check with the post office.


That's when I realized that I'd made the biggest thank you card writing faux pas (fo - pä) of them all! I totally forgot to put a return address on all the ones I've sent out! So now, if they don't make it to their final destination, they go in..................DEAD MAIL. What's worse is that those particular gift givers will think I'm a completely ungrateful jacko who wants the glory of gifts without any thanks on my part!!!

Don't believe it, potential non-recipients of said thank you notes!! It's not me! It's not who I am!

If there's anyone out there......anyone at all who reads this blog and might also have been a recipient of said thank you card, would you mind just dropping me a blog comment and letting me know if you received one? Maybe that's too much to ask, I don't know! My heart's all a'flutter and I'm a needer of affirmation!

Okay, I got that out of the way. Now I (don't) feel better. E. J. Sully never would have made this mistake!!!



r_is_moody said...

I didn't get said thank you card, so either you put the wrong address or I didn't make into the first cut. I'm gonna believe the first one so that my heart won't be broken too much

Yup i did just give you a HT and you sooooo deserved it!!!!!

Jenni said...

We got ours last week! And I made Justin read it too :)