Friday, April 25, 2008

happy birthday good records!

The weekend before last Good Records hosted "Record Store Day" and since their 8th birthday was in February, they decided to make it a birthday party, too. Free hot dogs, veggie burgers, sno cones, refreshments, friends and 13+ hours of awesome music = a fantastic Saturday.

Here are a few pictures commemorating the experience (and I'll preface by saying that I am not the photographer...the talented miss Sally Glass gets all the credit - except for the paperchase photo. I don't know who took that sucka):

el audience:

carleen jean death machine & me:

fishboy's performance:


sarah jaffe:



And I got a good records souvenir cup to take home. Ahh the sweet sweet memories!

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Gayla said...


If you see this,would you email me at I don't think I have your current email. I am SHAMELESSLY trolling for votes for something this week and thought I would hit you up since you are a "music" person!