Thursday, June 19, 2008

at last, my love has come along

I came home to my sweet sick Kevin today and went in the kitchen to get some grapes. I love grapes. And I love the grapes I got at Target. Because I love Target. But I digress. I came home and am in the kitchen when Kevin asks me from the living room if I'll put up the LOST season 2 dvd set. You see, he's sick, and can't put them up himself. I come back from getting my cup o' grapes, grab the dvd, open up the dresser/entertainment center and put them away. I start to walk back to the couch to eat my grapes in peace and Kevin says,


I open it back up and say, "Did I not put the dvds away to your liking?"

He laughs and as I open it up again to readjust them, he says, "What's that down there?"


What's that? You can't see what's down there? Take a closer look!


He got a bonus at work and used it to get me a MacBook!! I have the best husband in all the land! I've been saving to get my MacBook since I graduated college in 2005 and something else has always come up just when I have enough money. Car, wedding, etc. I can't believe it! He's getting double hugs tonight, what what!!

Here are a couple more pics of my new and glorious word processor:

I love Kevin and I love Flotilda, my sweet little southern MacBook!


Saric said...

Flotilda looks hot, from the profile shot it looks like they've lost some weight. Kevin congrats on successfully providing yourself an excuse to do or not do just about anything for the next couple months...booya

hampton said...

she's lovely!

shayo said...

awwwww! that is sooo great becky! flotilda is just beautiful.
we missed you guys at game night. there was no actual game playing. just wayne and i doodling on the gEEtar and then we watched funny stuff on youtube. oh youtube.

i heart ebay.

miss you! xoxo