Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weddings, denton, & nostalgia

[UPDATE: This is about 4 weeks after I started writing this post, and I just forgot to finish it, but it's a rainy Saturday, and it feels like the right time to sit inside, listen to music, and finish this post.]

This past weekend, one of my great friends Adriana got married to her beau of about 5 years, Ryan in our old college stomping grounds - Denton, TX. She and I have been friends since high school, and she was my first roommate ever.


On our first day in the dorms, we had already had it all planned out...we would bunk our beds to optimize the most possible space in our 19' x 10' living space for the next semester. We get there only to find out that one of the bunk beds is longer than the other. BLAST!!! What are we going to do? We don't know anyone else in Clark Hall (represent!)

Enter this charming red-headed vixen - Jillian M:

She came and introduced herself to us and let us know that she lived diagonally down the hall from us if we needed anything...we traded bunk beds, discovered that both Jill and I were raised in the teachings of one Martin Luther and the rest is history.

After Adriana and I lived together, Jill and I lived together in an apartment....where we paid rent and learned how to be (and not be) responsible. Then after Jill and I lived together, Adriana and Jill lived together. Then our little roommate triangle turned into a geographic triangle when Jill & her beau moved to Portland, Oregon and Adriana & her beau moved to Boston, Mass.

The nuptials of Adriana and Ryan, the aforementioned beau, brought us all together again back in Denton, TX, home of the UNT Eagles where all our history once began. The rehearsal dinner was at this great Italian place on Locust called Guiseppe's. Lets just say silver and gold jordan almonds abounded!!

our candy grills brought us together, and ne'er shall we part.

the happy almost nuptialized couple.

here are some more pictures of the good times and good peeps that weekend.

It was a really great time and a really effortless reunion. I love those friendships where you can go a few months in between talking, or a few years in between seeings (sic), and when you get back together, it's like no time has passed. All three of us have our own things going on, we're all (now) married and things in all of our lives have changed, but we're just as close as ever. I really love these girls. We were all big parts of each others lives in a very transitional and integral time in our lives. I'm grateful to know them.


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LIZZY said...

i SO did the bunkbed thing with my first college roomie too. college buddies are SOOOO much fun!!!