Tuesday, October 07, 2008

bidding adieu in style

This week marks the last few days of my sweet friends Brianne & Sarah as residents of Dallas, TX. They are moving in a southern direction to San Antonio to open and manage the Urban Outfitters store there.

Other wonderful friends of ours, Andrew & Doug, owners of the glorious House of Dang! hosted a little going away shindig after hours on the shop's back patio. We had fun dancing and mingling while some strange movie Mario picked out played on the projector up against the building. Here are a few pics of the evening:

Andrew, Sarah & Doug:

Andrew, Rhi, Me & Sarah and a girl I don't know but who I'm sure is lovely:


Mario, Me * Kevin:

The ladies of the hour, who we'll all miss, and for whom we'll all remember the Alamo:

Le sigh.


The House of Dang said...


H.O.D. BOYS!!!

christina said...

dude, kevin's beard is longer than your hair.