Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Wastin'! Wastin' the Vote Again!

The title of my blog is to be sung to a tune that probably only Kevin knows (AND LOVES!!!! - right, sweet Hugsband?!), but I find amusement in it anyway. Having just found out about that Culture Feast blog, I was reading some of the other posts in my down time at work and came upon another entry that I really liked a lot. It won't apply to everyone, but I thought it was worth posting in any case.

Here is the article about voting for who you really want to win, whether they're on the ballot or not.

Take a gander. This is something I've wondered about before, so it was nice to see it presented so well.


p.s. Happy Halloween!


christina said...

interesting, i'll have to check that out when i have some time. i also really like that word hugsband. you're good at making up words.

Lolly said...

Please, please, please tell me the name of the tune so I can see if I know it! The curiosity is killing me. Unless of course it has something to do with your "marital relationship" in which case I don't really want to know.

becki said...

Ha ha!! I'll sing you the tune next time I see you at church! :) You are HILARIOUS.