Monday, November 24, 2008

Sarah Jaffe

This is a video of my friend (and foe....just kidding) Sarah Jaffe when we played at the Granada back in April of this year.

Here's another video of us playing at The Chat Room in Fort Worth (more like the smoke room, but who's coughing?) Note the guy who buys his own "cigs" to contribute to the smog about halfway or so through the video:

Here's the same song, better video, but maybe worse sound? You tell me:

Here's another video of her playing at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton.

Isn't she great? You all should like her, mmmkay?


Annie said...

I wish I could listen to these, but I always read my blogs (in my Google Reader) when I'm trying to put Levi to sleep. Then if I go directly to your blog it plays music, and I scramble for the mute button on the keyboard. Oh to be able to make and listen to sound whenever I want! I'm sure they were great videos. ;)

christina said...

Did you see her name mentioned in this month's issue of Paste magazine where they named Denton the best music scene of the year? Awesome!

victory said...

Hey Annie, if you just plug some headphones in, you won't have to worry about noise.

I, on the other hand, only plan to be here for a few more seconds before I go back to my school.... so I can't watch right now. I'll come back later.

Black Market Funnel Cakes said...

i just love all you guys so much.