Monday, November 30, 2009

contrastiness is close to Godliness

Yes, I made up a word. But I only did it to support the message of my blog. What I am about to post is a little embarrassing, and I've gone back and forth about whether or not to post it. Will you judge me? Will you not want to come to my house again? Will you think twice about letting me hug you? All these questions I mulled over and over in my mind and decided that the outcome was worth the potential judgment I might receive.

Let me first provide you with a little background info. We are blessed enough to have an apartment with two (count 'em, TWO) bathrooms. We LOVE this. That way when one of us has to get up way earlier than the other, we can use the guest bathroom as a courtesy. We usually end up using the guest bathroom to take showers anyway (who knows why). But, since it is just that - a GUEST bathroom....for GUESTS. So when a quick cleaning of the house happens, you can assume that the guest bathroom has to take priority when we're racing against the clock like we so often do.

The past few months have easily been the busiest of our lives to date - my work's grand opening, the approaching holidays and trying to play catch up with my personal life since grand opening has come and gone. I'm ashamed to say that the deep cleaning segments of our life got more than neglected. Most concentratedly (there I go again) in our bathroom......the NON guest bathroom. I'm getting nervous even as I type this.

Now, in order to desperately cling to my reputability as a person who gives a hoot about cleanliness, I will say that I had not used the non-guest room shower in I don't know how long. AND, because of its position in the apartment, our bathroom has the least amount of air circulation in our entire it doesn't dry as quickly, leaving opportunity for........gross things to exist.

Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I got up early when Kevin went to work and decided that I was going to clean that bathroom (more specifically the tub) once and for all. (I have cleaned it more than one time, fyi). I could not stand it anymore. It was to the point where I didn't want to even go into our bathroom, and that's no way to live!!! NO WAY TO LIVE!!

GAH! I can't believe I'm actually about to post this on the internet. Please note, that the before picture is NOT a representation of our usual state of cleanliness!! PLEASE NOTE!

Please ALSO note that we were not using the bathroom in its state as seen in the first picture. We were just ignoring it and hoping it would clean itself.

Before: *hanging head in ultimate shame*

And now........REDEMPTION!!

Look! I even did a little "life style" photo styling by adding the body wash back into the picture. Like in the before and after pictures of those women who used some revitalizing skin cream and in the before picture they are dimly lit in yellow light and have no make up on, etc.

I cannot tell you how many times I just walked back into my bathroom after I was finished cleaning, simply to gaze upon its newly discovered glory. And then I would sigh. Over and over I would repeat these steps. I'm still doing it. I've all but forbidden Kevin to take a shower in there. You see....if you don't ever use things, you never have to clean them! It's genius!!

And on that note, I'll thank any of you reading this in advance for not judging me too harshly in the comments.

THANK YOU. And God bless cleaning supplies.


Michael Hedgpeth said...

I know you told me not to, but I totally judged you just now, just so you know.

becki said...

I've been waiting for your comment all evening. WINK!

Monica Hopkins said...

NO JUDGMENT! this has happened to me before... maybe not quite as bad. but it's happened!

i want to come see your bathroom now!

becki said...

And I will let you now!

Rachel Gray said...

Hahahaha. You crack me up. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. Actually, our tub pretty much looks like this on a daily basis, due to rust in our pipes. It's awful. We have to clean the stupid thing twice a day.

ejakovljevic said...

my bathroom may or may not have also been caught in this state. recently. *but i can only say this because it's now been cleaned*